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5 Reasons Why Lutron Powered Shades Are a Great Investment

Discover How Lutron Shades Stand Out from the Pack

5 Reasons Why Lutron Powered Shades Are a Great Investment

You may think motorized shades sound like a luxury. Indeed, they are luxurious. However, onetime luxuries are now essentials and staples. When is the last time you cranked down a manual car window? Exactly, that’s what we thought.

Adding power to window treatments and shades are far more practical than power windows in automobiles. In a car, it's mostly about convenience, but motorized shades have real efficiency and even safety benefits.

When it comes to motorized shades, one name stands out – Lutron. Our favorite lighting control brand is also one of the premier vendors for powered shades and window treatments. Read on for four reasons why Lutron shades are not just a luxury for your Roswell, GA, home; they are also an excellent investment.

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Protect Your Furnishings

Going back to cars for a moment, you may know that they employ UV resistant windshields and glass. UV rays can fade and damage materials over time. Lutron shades can help protect your valuable furnishings. When the sun is streaming through windows, UV sensors can trigger your powered shades (or windows treatments) to close, without you having to lift a finger. You could do this manually, but we know you have better things to do. You can also use schedules to manage shades or, even better, tie them into a smart home automation system to integrate them with lighting and temperature management.

Precise Management

Another wonderful aspect of powered shades is precision. Want your shades up 67%? That's what you'll get. Want them down every night at 11 PM? That too. Want a programmed button on a wall to do that? You can use elegant designer keypads like those featured in the Lutron Palladiom line. Want app control from a smartphone? Lutron has that too, and in fact, the company makes it a point to have superb integration features with other smart control systems like Control4 and voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa.

Elegant Aesthetics

Lutron motorized shades and window treatments are not just about utility. There’s a wealth of fabrics and styles available that you and your designer will love. You can have motorized drapery tracks, skylight shades, roman shades, and even Lutron’s innovative Kirbé vertical drapery system. Lutron powered window treatments will add the “wow” factor to your interiors.

Did We Mention Quiet?

Another feature that makes Lutron stand out is the precision and quietness of their motors. Even if you have a houseful of powered window treatments, you’ll be amazed at how smoothly and quietly they operate. Lutron's motors are so good, other companies employ them for products like projector screens.

Standalone or Integrated

As we alluded to above, Lutron products in both lighting and shading stand alone and make excellent partners with other smart automation solutions. They provide sophisticated controls via remotes, keypads, and apps, while also playing well within comprehensive smart home automation solutions. With Lutron, you get the best of all worlds.

Discover more reasons why Lutron shades are the right choice for the finest homes in the Atlanta area. To learn more, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our motorized shading experts. We look forward to working with you!

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