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4 Ways Focal Home Speakers Stand Out from the Audio Pack

Like French Roast Coffee? You’ll Probably Like Focal Speakers

4 Ways Focal Home Speakers Stand Out from the Audio Pack

Focal is another audio company that sometimes flies under the radar. It’s not because they don’t have a broad product line or aren’t known by high-fidelity audio enthusiasts. Perhaps they don’t advertise as much as other large audio and speaker companies. Don’t let that keep you from considering this company when shopping for high-end speakers for your Buckhead, GA listening room.

Focal is based in France, a country not as high on the list as the UK when it comes to hi-fi audio. Nevertheless, the French heritage shows in the expressive style of their speakers, and design and engineering are second to none. Focal home speakers are a bit different. If you look for products that go a bit against the grain, unafraid to be different, then these speakers might just be for you. Let’s explore four ways Focal speakers separate themselves from the rest.

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Made in France

Many speaker companies design the speakers in the origin country but manufacture in the Far East. Even well-known UK speaker brands do this for all but the very highest-end models. Focal bucks that trend by manufacturing most of their home lines in France. This more expensive approach keeps the design and engineering teams close together to build the product true to its design principles.

Continuing Investment in Research and Technology

Focal is one of the few companies that does its own acoustic research. That investment in time, money, and expertise pays off with unique innovations that translate to great sound emanating from their stylish transducers. Proprietary features like Neutral Inductance Circuit and work with exotic materials like Beryllium yield benefits in clarity, neutral audio performance, and decreased distortion.

Ultra-High End

Unlike some manufacturers, Focal still chooses to compete in the rarefied air of ultra-high-end speakers. Continuing to leverage their acoustic research and innovations, The Grande Utopia line is now in its third generation and still impresses audio lovers and experts with brilliant sound and beautiful aesthetics that make a statement. 

Just Look at Them

Focal speakers beg to be seen as well as heard. The company has a history of crafting speakers that look as good as they sound, using furniture and automotive-grade finishes, luxurious woods, and cabinet designs that transcend the typical speaker box. If you love showing off your speakers, you'll love the unique design of Focal models. But, of course, if you want the refined Focal sound that isn’t seen, the company makes excellent architectural speakers too!


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