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3 Ways to Use a Ceiling Speaker System

Ceiling Speakers Offer High-Quality Sound with Discreet Appearance

3 Ways to Use a Ceiling Speaker System

Want to know more about ceiling speaker systems? You're in the right place. Architectural ceiling speakers allow you to have great sound without the clutter of wires and speakers in your space. What's more, ceiling speakers have multiple uses that might surprise you with their versatility. If you don't want to see speakers anywhere in your Milton, GA, home – unless you look up – please keep reading!

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Whole-Home Audio

One of the most popular applications for ceiling speakers is for whole-home audio systems. In many rooms, audio like music, podcasts, or distributing TV sound might be for background enjoyment as you entertain, cook, work out, or relax. Ceiling speakers are perfect for these users, but you don't have to sacrifice sound quality. Many of today's ceiling speakers feature high-performance sound quality that can please picky audio enthusiasts, and they are available in several sizes to fit the needs of different size spaces. Another thing they don't skimp on is appearance. New small-aperture speakers have smaller openings, more discreet grills, and finishing options to blend into ceilings and match your lighting. 

Surround Sound

Ceiling speakers are a must for today’s immersive surround sound. Sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X have been engineered to give film and video sound engineers tremendous flexibility in creating a three-dimensional sound field in soundtracks. To get the effect, at least one pair – and perhaps more – ceiling speakers are required for the overhead effects. Some ceiling speakers are specifically designed for these formats. To get the best effects, your home theater professionals pay close attention to ceiling heights, appropriate positioning, and sound system tuning to maximize sound over all the seating positions. 

Bedroom Speakers

While architectural wall speakers are available in myriad options, you may be adamant about no speakers on your walls. At the same time, you want great sound in a master bedroom, for example. Maybe even both stereo for music and a demure surround sound system for TV. Ceiling speakers are excellent for this purpose. You can position three front speakers near the TV and two rear speakers over your bed. For TV viewing, you can use surround sound, and for stereo, your whole home audio system can use the speakers in stereo mode. With some smart automation, you can use a simplified remote to pick the mode you want and easily enjoy whatever entertainment you choose.

Ceiling speaker systems are remarkably flexible for a variety of audio needs without cluttering up your carefully curated decor. Want to learn more about ceiling speakers for your Milton home? Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!   

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