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3 Ways to Refresh Your Interiors with Motorized Shades in 2021

Harness Natural Light at Home with These Ideas

3 Ways to Refresh Your Interiors with Motorized Shades in 2021

It’sno secret that we've all been spending much more time at home. The pandemic will end, but it has undoubtedly brought about lifestyle changes that will likely endure into the future. Some of those include continued work from home as technology allows for efficient communication and collaboration, distance learning that may provide a way to reduce the high cost of college, and more ways to stay fit, healthy, and entertained at home. 

What do these trends have to do with motorized shades? More than you might think. Motorized window treatments are an increasingly popular option in both new and existing homes in DunwoodyGA, and the metro Atlanta area. Beyond the sheer convenience, let’s explore how they can help you make the best of your time at home, no matter the activity. 

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Let There Be Light 

Light affects us positively and negatively, even if you may not think about it. Think about how you may feel about a dreary, cloudy dark Georgia day. Then think about a bright, sunny day. Which one elevates your mood? Now think about the light in your home. Chances are that lighter, more luminous spaces will have you in a more productive, happier state of mind. In fact, we've written extensively about this effect with tunable lighting

As we spend more time at home for work, learning, and more, light plays an important part. With motorized shades and window treatmentsone-touch control can brighten any space. Moreover, easy control of all the shading in an area removes the tedium of manipulating every window covering manually, which might not get done. With easily programmable scenes, you can let in just the right amount of natural light any time of day and combine it with the perfect amount of artificial ambient and task lighting for the activity at hand. 

Elevate the Home Office

Don’t let your home office be a cave. Just as many modern office buildings have moved from pure fluorescent light to larger windows, open concepts, and lots of natural light, harness light for your home workspace no matter where it is. Powered shades can add style and control the outside light effectively to minimize glare and heat when needed and let the light in for increased ambient light and productivity when needed. Use a wall-mounted keypad, a smartphone app, or even voice control to manage the shades and light for different times of the day. Or just programthe shade positions to change on a schedule that fits the season. 

Upgrade Your Style 

If motorized window treatments were something you once considered but thought were limited in styles, you might be surprised at the fantastic breadth and depth of what is available today. A myriad of fabrics, colors, and materials are available. Everything from wooden blinds to honeycomb insulated fabrics to fabrics with various translucency levels is available, fitting décor from the traditional to the ultra-modern. You will likely have a difficult time choosing from all the options. Plus, there are both wired and wireless systems to ponder depending on window sizes and whether you are retrofitting or embarking on a major remodel or new build. 

Harness the light in your Dunwoody home in 2021 with the power of motorized shades. Make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroomcontact us hereor usethe chat box below to connect with one of our motorized shade experts quickly. We look forward to working with you.

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