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3 Reasons Why a Crestron Control System is Different

Crestron’s Commitment to Quality is Unique

3 Reasons Why a Crestron Control System is Different

Crestron is a company that is unique in the technology business, doing things just a little differently. Founded by George Feldstein in 1969, it has always stayed close to the founder's vision and character. Feldstein was an engineer, tinkerer, and stickler for quality and detail, and his presence is still felt at the company.

Crestron has always been known for high-end automation solutions. In the commercial space, Crestron automates scores of Fortune 500 corporate meeting and boardrooms, including high technology companies like Microsoft. In the residential market, their automation solutions can be found in the largest and most extensive properties, controlling a wide array of functions from climate to sophisticated audio and video distribution systems.

But there’s more to Crestron control systems that are core tenets of how the company operates. Read on to learn more about Crestron automation and why it could be the right choice for your Buckhead, GA home.

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In-House Engineering and Manufacturing

In the world of electronics, many U.S. based companies design products in the U.S. but manufacture abroad. Not Crestron, which chooses to house its manufacturing facility right next to the engineering team in New Jersey. The company employs over 1,000 engineers at that facility, and they work closely with manufacturing to ensure quality control. The New Jersey campus incorporates the company headquarters and 360,000 square feet of office, manufacturing, and testing facilities.

One sign of Crestron's commitment to control its process is its investment in PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing and testing equipment. This equipment is costly and requires a long-term investment in money and training to operate. The electronics made at the facility are going into systems that are expected to work for many years without failure, and Crestron's hands-on process ensures no breakdowns between engineering and manufacturing.

Almost no detail is too small for the company to get right. Crestron offers elegant, custom-engraved control keypads for one-touch control of automation throughout a home. Where are those buttons engraved? Right there in New Jersey, by longtime employees.

Vertical Integration

Most large companies have moved away from vertical integration, where they make most parts of their products. As a tightly controlled private company not subject to reporting returns to Wall Street, they can go their own way. While Crestron systems do work with some other smart devices and systems, their solution is integrated, making their own lighting control, motorized shades, climate control, AV solutions, and control interfaces. It's a unique approach in the industry, allowing them to combine solutions efficiently and offer a very integrated automation experience.

The Crestron Experience Center

To demonstrate all that Crestron offers in home control and automation, Crestron has built several experience centers around the country. They are often conveniently located in design centers that cater to designers and their high-end clientele. In Manhattan, the Crestron experience center is an excellent place to feel, see, and touch a fully automated home. You can experience the way lighting, climate, and shading systems work, look at style options, play with remote controls and other interfaces, and see the simplicity of an integrated audio and video system.

As part of GHT Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction, if you are working with us on an extensive home automation project, we can take you to the New York experience center so you can understand what Crestron is all about. We guarantee you’ll be impressed. 

Is a Crestron control system right for your Buckhead property? We invite you to visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chat box below to learn more. We look forward to working with you!

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