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3 Reasons to Build Your Custom Home Theater in 2021

The Cinema Experience Will Always Be Better at Home

3 Reasons to Build Your Custom Home Theater in 2021

The “HT” in GHT Group stands for home theater, and it’s been part of our company’s DNA for over 30 years. We have always been huge proponents that the cinema experience is better at home, and we have been proving it by building some of the finest custom home theaters in the Buckhead and Metro Atlanta areas for decades.

The many effects of the current pandemic have made the proposition for a custom home theater stronger than ever. Many commercial theaters have shut down or offer severely limited capacity. As a result, first-run movies are having a very short theater run or simultaneously appearing on streaming platforms at home. Beyond film, the plethora of options for high-quality video entertainment at home seems to expand daily. Given that, why not take the plunge and build your own custom home theater, one that supremely fits you and your family? Explore three compelling reasons below.

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Big Screens for Any Room

The traditional home theater setup typically included a projector for the most cinematic experience. But some rooms present challenges for ceiling-mounted or rear-mounted projectors. Flat-panel TV prices have come down significantly at the larger sizes, and in some cases, may provide the cinema experience in a smaller theater with a 98-inch screen. However, projector technology is more flexible than ever. New ultra-short-throw projectors can project a 10-foot screen while sitting on an attractive credenza only inches from the front wall, easing installation and décor concerns in a room. Plus, new screen technologies that reflect ambient light allow for the use of projectors even in rooms with windows where absolute darkness may not be achievable.

Big Sound in Smaller Packages

The traditional home theater typically includes a high-powered sound system with multiple amplifiers and speakers for a rich multichannel surround sound experience. Of course, that is still possible with a wide array of equipment. However, advances in soundbars, architectural speakers, and more integrated sound systems are allowing for immersive, high-quality sound with a more streamlined equipment setup. While the fully calibrated, discrete speaker, multi-subwoofer, high-output configuration will always provide the best audio performance in a custom theater, other options exist that can also give you the cinema experience with less bulk and complexity. A custom home theater, after all, should be customized to your preferences.

Big Comfort at Home

Let’s face it, no matter how comfortable those new electric recliners at the cineplex may be, you can still one-up that at home easily.  Custom seating choices from leading vendors like Octane not only offer customizable powered recliners, but they can also be combined with chaise and sofa seating for a setup that accommodates kids, adults, and everything in between for maximum comfort. And where do you see touches like USB ports for charging devices or custom trays for eating at the cineplex? It’s easy to add those at home, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find them elsewhere.

With all these options, doesn't it make sense to enjoy your video entertainment at home? Not to mention your floors will not be sticky, and the food will undoubtedly be better. If you are considering a custom home theater project in the metro Atlanta area, let GHT Group show you all the incredible options available. Contact us here, or use the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our home theater experts. We look forward to working with you!

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