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For the best smart home experience, hire a professional home automation company. Learn all the reasons why here.



Life is complicated enough as it is. Work, kids, school, staying healthy, volunteering, social obligations, and more occupy a tremendous amount of time and mental energy. What’s one thing that shouldn’t add to the complications in your life? Your Mountain Brook, AL, home should be a refuge of tranquility and comfort. Unfortunately, homes also take up time and mental energy. But with the help of a home automation company, smart home technology can take care of many things at home, freeing you up for what’s important to you. Let’s explore how below. 

What to Expect When You Hire a Home Automation Company What to Expect When You Hire a Home Automation Company

Trust a Professional for Your Smart Home Project

YouTube is chock full of resources for learning how to do almost any home project. From amateur plumbing to electrical to flooring, there's a video for it online. You might be tempted to say, "I'll do it myself" to avoid calling a professional when you need something done, but much will depend on the size of the project. Some people call a plumber at the first sign of a slight leak under a sink; others will get under there and figure out the problem. When it comes to smart home automation, some will install that new Nest thermostat; others will let their HVAC professional do it. 

But suffice it to say that most people that might choose to DIY a minor repair or upgrade don't redo all the plumbing for a bathroom remodel or replace their heat pump if it fails. Surprisingly, many people think it's easy to fully automate a smart home because it just takes some electronics and software.

 As with the projects we mentioned above, it’s one thing to install a Nest thermostat but quite another to embark on a full home automation project for your Atlanta, GA, home. So if you do hire a professional, what should you expect from a home automation company? Read further to learn more. 

Did You Know Home Automation Can Do This? Did You Know Home Automation Can Do This?

Control More than Lights and Smart Thermostats

You might be familiar with some of the most popular ways to make your home smart. Smart thermostats like Nest and Ecobee have been extremely popular with homeowners, and professionally installed options from Lutron and Control4 offer integration with other smart home features, remote temperature sensors, and more. Intelligent lighting is also a top feature in smart homes, offering streamlined and simplified control of a wide array of lights. 

But those aren't the only things you can manage in a smart home. In your Alys Beach home, you likely have a pool. Since it's Florida, ceiling fans are a must. And your home probably has a garage for your car. Did you know that you can include all those in a smart home system? As a professional home automation company, we use systems like Control4 that can integrate and manage a wide array of smart features in your home. Learn more below!

What Is Matter, and Does It Matter for Home Automation? What Is Matter, and Does It Matter for Home Automation?

Explaining Matter and What You Need to Know

What is Matter, and how does it impact home automation? The short answer is that it won't matter to you unless you are deeply into DIY home automation. As a WDIFY (We Do It For You) full-service home automation company, we care about new developments in the smart home industry, and Matter is one of them. We want you to understand them so you are a well-informed consumer, although when you work with us, we shield you from having to worry about such things.  

So, what is Matter, and does it matter for your Alpharetta, GA, smart home? Let’s get into it. 

3 Strategies for Getting Started with Home Automation 3 Strategies for Getting Started with Home Automation

Want a smarter home but unsure of where to start? Start here

Home automation can encompass many things. From full control of a distributed AV system to tunable lighting, you can go all in with smart home control. But as a home automation company with decades of experience around smart home technology, we’ll be the first to tell you that you don’t have to. Your smart home should be a reflection of what’s important to you and your lifestyle. 

So, you can start with a building block approach to a smarter home in Crestview, FL. To help you, we’ve outlined three strategies to get into smart home automation based on different priorities. Please keep reading below!

3 Things You Can Only Get from a Home Automation Company 3 Things You Can Only Get from a Home Automation Company

Why You Should Work with a Home Automation Expert

Home automation devices and systems are everywhere. Walk into any Atlanta Home Depot or Best Buy, and they are prominently featured, not to mention the huge array of devices you may never have heard of on Amazon. These systems do many home automation tasks well, within limits. They control lights, provide entertainment, secure doors, monitor your home, and more. So do you need a professional home automation company to create a smart home? 

As the French say, ça dépend. Or, as we say in Georgia, it depends. You might be able to cobble together a DIY, relatively smart home, but here are some things you’re only going to get from a smart home company. What are they? Keep reading to find out!

3 Popular Misconceptions You May Believe about Home Automation 3 Popular Misconceptions You May Believe about Home Automation

Let’s Test Your Knowledge about Smart Homes

Some people become immersed in certain subjects, usually ones they care deeply about. Others might know a few things about a topic but not enough to be dangerous. And sometimes, people think they know some things about a topic, but they turn out to be misconceptions. With so much different information freely available in today's world, it's easy to get lost. 

When it comes to home automation, the casual observer might believe certain “facts” about it, but the truth is a little more nuanced. As a premier home automation company serving the Florida Panhandle area, we’d like to clear up some common misconceptions about home automation for Rosemary Beach homeowners. Please keep reading!

What Can a Home Automation Company Do for You? What Can a Home Automation Company Do for You?

Why You Might Want to Consider Hiring a Pro to Integrate Your Smart Home

The world is awash in smart devices and automation. Your new refrigerator and washing machine might now come with wi-fi connections to tell you the wash is done or that your water filter needs changing. Why do you need a home automation company with all this intelligence around you? 

Maybe you don't. You might be quite happy with your smart home features and a DIY approach to them. But we view the smart home a little differently. The washers and smart refrigerators have a ways to go before they become fully integrated into an overall smart home experience. But we do know how to create a smart home that works for you in other ways. And we can do it without you having to understand all the ins and outs of networking issues, multiple control apps, what functions work with which interface, and much more. 

So, what can a home automation company do for your Duluth, GA home? Keep reading below. 

4 Home Automation Trends Accelerating into 2022 4 Home Automation Trends Accelerating into 2022

Smart Home Technology Gets Even Smarter

If there's one thing constant in this world, it's the relentless advance of technology. From super-computers in our pockets to electric cars, technology keeps moving forward rapidly. Smart home automation, of course, is no exception, and it's one of the most exciting areas in technology, bringing new benefits and capabilities to the home. 

As metro Atlanta’s premier AV and home automation company, GHT Group stays at the forefront of what’s new in smart homes. Here are four trends that we see accelerating into 2022. 

4 Ways to Welcome Fall and Winter with Home Automation 4 Ways to Welcome Fall and Winter with Home Automation

Make the Seasonal Transition Easy with Smart Home Tech

We won't say that fall and winter come without warning in Georgia, but does it go from pretty balmy to quite cool in a hurry come November? Or is it just us? Or maybe it's the effect of daylight savings time? 

If shorter days and less sun have had an effect, we may have a solution for you – home automation. Smart features in your home can help you with the transition to the crisper seasons in our fast-growing Woodstock suburb. And fear not, you know winter in Atlanta isn’t protracted or severe, so it won’t be long till the warm spring and summer are back! In the meantime, GHT Group, your local home automation company, has some smart tech to make the seasonal transition just a little easier. Keep reading for four of our favorites smart features below. 

Designers and Builders: Why Work with a Home Automation Company Designers and Builders: Why Work with a Home Automation Company

Here’s Why You Should Make Your Homes Smart from the Start

By all accounts, the market for home automation and smart technology is growing at a rapid clip. The research firm IDC projects growth at 16.9% annually over the next few years, which means that prospective homeowners will be prioritizing smart automation features.

As trade professionals, you already know that you need to plan early for home infrastructure. But smart home technology is more than just including a basic pre-wire low-voltage cabling package. Keep reading to see how it pays to bring in a home automation company early in your process to make your Duluth, GA projects smart from the start.

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