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Why Anthem Receivers Are the Choice of Audio Enthusiasts

If You Value Audio Quality Above All, Anthem Should Be at the Top of Your List

Why Anthem Receivers Are the Choice of Audio Enthusiasts

The audio receiver is the do-it-all hub for many home audio setups. It is the anchor in most multi-channel home audio-video installations, deftly managing video switching, decoding all audio formats, amplification, room correction, and more.  

Yet the receiver is sometimes not entirely appreciated by some audio enthusiasts. While the receiver is a convenient one-box solution, some think only separate components will deliver the sound quality that will satisfy them. 

Anthem begs to differ with that notion. Anthem is part of Paradigm, the Canadian speaker company that is well-regarded in audio circles for delivering excellent sound quality at prices that won’t break the bank. Anthem also makes separate processors and amplifiers, so they know how to make high-quality components that prioritize sound quality. 

The majority of today's receivers from mass-market brands tend to load up on features at the expense of quality. Today's receivers feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in audio apps, multiple surround modes, web and app-based control, and many more features that are all convenient but they do not necessarily improve sound quality. 

Anthem receivers eschew “feature bloat” for delivering what a receiver should first and foremost: excellent sound from any source. That doesn’t mean that their receivers are missing key features; they focus on the ones that matter and building the best quality product for the price point. 

So if you’re an audio enthusiast looking for a new receiver for your media room, home theater, or listening room in your Atlanta home, read on to see why Anthem should be on your list. 

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Anthem MRX 520

The MRX 520 is the entry-level receiver in the Anthem lineup. However, there is nothing entry-level about its performance. All Anthem receivers sport compatibility with the latest 4K and HDR formats. They can pass through 4K 60hz signals, as well as Dolby Vision and HLG HDR formats. The MRX 520 is for smaller rooms for traditional 5.2 surround sound configurations that won't use Dolby Atmos in-ceiling speakers. With a true 100 watts/channel, it easily powers most speakers to reference levels in smaller rooms. The MRX 520’s compact footprint belies its big performance, and also makes it easier to fit into modern media furniture.

Anthem MRX 720 and 1120

The MRX 720 is the middle child in the product line, which might make it just right for many media rooms. It steps up the feature set with Dolby Atmos processing for 11 channels, with seven channels offering 140 watts/channel on board. The 11 channels of processing means that you can add an external amplifier to get to a full 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos configuration. The MRX 720 also features a quad-core processor for high-performance decoding and audio processing. As a bonus it adds DTS Play-Fi support so you can make it part of a multi-room audio system with compatible Play-Fi system, like those from parent company Paradigm

The MRX 1120 (pictured above) rounds out the top of the product range. It has everything that the MRX 720 has but adds four more amplifier channels to power a full 11 speaker Dolby Atmos or DTS:X configuration. 

Common Features

The entire Anthem line features the highly regarded Anthem Room Correction (ARC), one of the best room correction software packages in the audio industry. Room correction is one of the areas that distinguishes an audio receiver from another, and ARC is superb at fixing bass problems and applying equalization for your room that makes it sound its best. Other essential features are excellent support for custom installation and control with IP and RS-232 control and available control system drivers for smart home systems like Control4 or Crestron. Anthem even thoughtfully includes a backlit remote, increasingly a rarity with today's receivers.

And One More Thing…

Quality audio components like Anthem rarely get discounted.  But for a limited time through June 30, Anthem is offering a special upgrade program. You can trade in any older receiver or processor and get a minimum of 20% off of a new Anthem receiver; some might be worth more! Whether it’s the one you are using now that you are ready to replace or you have an old component collecting dust in the closet, this is a perfect opportunity to make the leap to Anthem audio quality and save money. Simply click here to claim your 20% coupon from Anthem, and then stop by our Marietta showroom!

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