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When Do You Need an Electrical Contractor for Lighting Installation?

Much of Today’s LED Lighting Doesn’t Need an Electrician

When Do You Need an Electrical Contractor for Lighting Installation?

Are you looking to retrofit LED lighting into your Buckhead, GA, home? Perhaps the first thing you thought about was contacting an electrical contractor. While many types of lighting might require an electrician, many others don't. Much of today's LED lighting is low-voltage, so you may not need an electrician to install it. Also, lighting control systems function on low voltage and wireless technologies and don’t require the services of an electrician, just like you don’t need one for low-voltage wiring for speakers and security systems. 

So, what lighting installations need minimal or no help from electrical contractors? Let’s look at some below.

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Replacing Bulbs

This might seem obvious, but it’s not always. Many homeowners know how to replace bulbs in lamps and fixtures. However, some specialty bulbs aren’t familiar and require greater care in installation. If retrofitting LED bulbs in high-voltage fixtures, care should be taken in matching the bulb to the fixture for wattage and heat. You might still need a professional—not necessarily an electrician—for installation in difficult places. For example, if you want to replace bulbs in a 25-foot ceiling, you’ll need pros with scaffolds or the right ladders to reach them. 

LED Lighting

Many LED lighting systems are low-voltage and require one connection to electrical line voltage. These systems require LED lighting expertise in those systems, but not necessarily a licensed electrical contractor. You might need an electrician to ascertain that the system connections meet code requirements, but they don't need to install all the lights. If you are installing a modular LED system like DMF lighting, you need a contractor that specializes in these lighting systems and the accompanying lighting control solutions. 

Outdoor Lighting

Modern LED outdoor lighting also may not require an electrical contractor. Low voltage lighting typically needs a connection to high voltage through a transformer, and the system is wired with low voltage wiring. Again, the main expertise required is with the specific solutions, such as those from FX Luminaire, a color and zone-capable LED outdoor lighting system. 

Linear Lighting

Some of the most popular accent lighting today is LED linear lighting. These lights are used in home theaters, ceiling coves, under cabinets, and more. Most of these don’t require an electrical contractor for installation but typically do need the services of a low-voltage specialist. These lights are also often under the management of a lighting control system, so an expert in lighting and home automation is the best resource for designing and installing this type of lighting.

If you do need an electrical contractor, GHT Group can provide those services. However, you might be surprised by how many lighting installations don't require one! If you are considering a lighting revamp indoors or out, we can help. Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!