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What to Know About Surround Sound Installation

Work with a Professional that Works All the Details

What to Know About Surround Sound Installation

How do you get that immersive surround sound experience for a home theater? The only way to get that really convincing, visceral, your-are-there  home cinema experience in your Crestview, FL, home is with a true home theater sound system and the help of professional surround sound installation services.

What do we mean by professional surround sound installation? Please stay with us below to learn more.

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Sound System Calibration

Calibration is a critical part of setting up a surround sound system. While sound equipment like receivers and processors have built-in automated calibration, that is just the start. Calibration sets accurate sound levels and equalization for the audio system. Unfortunately, even the best automated calibration software miscalculates speaker distances and levels. With today's Dolby Atmos surround sound systems that include side and rear surround and overhead ceiling speakers for immersive soundtrack effects, getting the settings right is often part art and part science, using sound metering tools and a good ear. A professional sound system installer knows all the ins and outs of setting up a system to make the most of today's soundtracks. 

Feeling the Bass

Technically getting the bass right is part of an audio system calibration process, but it's worth calling it out. Bass can be difficult to get right in some rooms. Subwoofer placement and calibration sometimes come down to trial and error and using test tools, bass sweeps (seeing how the bass sounds across frequencies), level adjustments, crossover setup (how to blend bass response across speakers), and much more. Bass is a critical part of the overall sound, not only for low-frequency soundtrack effects like explosions but also for the richness of voices, movie scores, and more. 

Acoustic Treatment

Sound is a physical waveform, and no matter how carefully a sound system is set up, sometimes the physics of a room gets in the way of optimal performance. Too many hard surfaces can generate unwanted resonances, especially with 12, 14, and 16-speakers surround systems with speakers all over the room. Sometimes bass performance is uneven, with too much bass in one section of the room and not enough in others. The secret to ameliorating the physics of sound in a room is acoustic treatment. We love to say that acoustic treatment can make a good sound system sound great, and a great system sound incredible. The techniques vary but include diffusers, bass traps, and other acoustic panel solutions that absorb or reflect sound to ensure optimal audio performance in your space. 


Are you ready for immersive, enveloping surround sound in your Crestview home theater or media room? Reach out to us or click the chat below to connect with us right away –  We would love to help you.