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What’s New in McIntosh Audio?

Blending Digital New and Analog Old, McIntosh Delivers Pure Audio Enjoyment

What’s New in McIntosh Audio?

In the technology world, some companies succeed wildly for some time only to fade away when confronted with changes and new competitors. Others manage to survive great shifts in their industry. Remember DEC in minicomputers? How about Packard and Studebaker automobiles? These once great companies faded, were absorbed into others, or disappeared. 

Some companies manage to transcend technological and industry change and continue to thrive. McIntosh Audio is one such brand. By continuing to focus on delivering a high-end audio experience, they manage to continue succeeding with products that offer old-fashioned analog performance with new-fangled digital technology essential for today’s audio. Today’s McIntosh continues to make built-like-a-tank amplifiers for which it is renowned, along with newer lifestyle products and automotive audio systems for luxury brands. As a proud McIntosh dealer in Atlanta, GHT Group is pleased to display McIntosh products in our 20,000 square foot Marietta showroom. 

So, what’s new in Mcintosh audio? Keep reading to find out about three new products you may want on your holiday wish list!

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The C8 Preamp

No, this C8 is not the new mid-engine Corvette, but it is its equal in performance. The McIntosh C8 is a 2-channel vacuum tube preamplifier. For anyone that likes the warm sound of vinyl and tubes over solid-state, this is one for audio enthusiasts and purists. It comes standard with one balanced and two unbalanced inputs and moving coil and moving magnet phono inputs for your turntable. What if you’re not completely an analog purist and need some digital inputs? McIntosh has cleverly designed this preamp in a modular fashion, and the C8 can accept the DA2 Digital Audio Module as a dealer-installed option. To top all that off, the C8 also includes McIntosh’s High Drive headphone amplifier for personal listening with high-end headphones. See how McIntosh blends the best of analog technology with today’s digital audio tech? 

The MI3477-Channel Amplifier

Vacuum tubes, solid-state, or digital, the company that made Woodstock loud knows amplifiers. The Mi347 is a McIntosh-quality amplifier using cool-running but ultra-powerful amplification that fits neatly in a rack or cabinet. Unlike other showpiece McIntosh amps, this one is meant to be heard and not seen – although it does look good in your home cinema rack! It packs 250 watts/channel to the front stage speakers and a healthy 125-watts per channel to the less power-hungry surrounds and heights. It's McIntosh quality in a smaller package for more intimate home theaters

The Ultimate Integrated Amp – the MA12000

How about a no-compromise integrated amp? One that offers the warm, nuanced sound quality of vacuum tubes, married to the brute power and speed of McIntosh solid-state amplification? And also, one that includes every analog and digital input you could need? How does 350 watts/channel sound? That’s what the MA12000 – McIntosh’s most powerful integrated amp ever – brings to your audio party. Power any speaker and hear any source with the cleanest signal from source to transducer. Connect anything – turntables, CD players, Blu-ray players, streamers, even smart TVs (with HDMI ARC). And one more thing – the MA12000 is a Roon Tested endpoint, so it fits perfectly into your Roon music system for your high-quality digital library. 

Want to know more about Mcintosh audio products? Contact us here, or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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