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Trying to Find the Perfect Gift for the Home Audio Buff?

Here are Five Holiday Gift Ideas to Make Any Audio Enthusiast Happy

Trying to Find the Perfect Gift for the Home Audio Buff?

It's that time of year again. Everyone looks forward to the holidays, but holidays can bring about stress. Part of the pressure might be from shopping for the perfect gift for that special someone who seems to have everything. 

So, what do you get for the person who has everything? If they are a home audio enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. In previous blogs, we’ve mentioned that this is a golden age for audio, with an incredible array of products in the market to serve any audio need. That means that excellent gift choices abound!

We’ve lined up five great gift ideas for your Sandy Springs audio lover. Some are plug and play, and some might require a home audio installation. Either way, GHT Group is here to help, as we support our products with world-class service. 

Read on for our 2019 holiday gift guide for audio lovers. If they happen to be video lovers too, you'll find our home theater gift guide helpful also!

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Turntables from McIntosh and Rega

Vinyl has made a huge comeback in audio, and for some, it never really went away. In this era of digital music, there's nothing like the nostalgic feel of the album cover and carefully spinning a record. There's also a warmth to the sound of well-recorded vinyl that's sometimes missing from digital. We heartily recommend these prime examples of turntables for your audio enthusiast.

The Rega Planar line runs from entry-level to high-end with eight available models. Regardless of the model, you get Rega’s renowned build quality, rigid plinths, low-noise motors, and straight aluminum precision tonearms. And they’re available in a variety of colors, too, to match any décor. 

For the minimalist vinyl lover, McIntosh Labs offers a unique solution: the MTI100 turntable. This high-quality turntable includes an integrated Class D amplifier, Bluetooth, and additional audio connections for other gear. All you need for a hi-fi setup are speakers. The MTI100 will have your vinyl enthusiast spinning records within minutes of unboxing. 

Sonos Move Portable Audio

Sonos is well known for its easy to use line of wireless speakers and equipment, perfect for putting together a whole home audio system with minimum fuss. With the new Move speaker, they’ve added a new dimension of portability to their line. The Move is rechargeable, highly water and dust resistant, and connects via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. At home, use it as part of a Sonos speaker network on Wi-Fi, indoors or out. For that tailgate party, it can supply hours of entertainment with Bluetooth. The big sound from this speaker will “Move” your audio lover, too.

McIntosh MA352

Vacuum tube or solid-state? If you're reading this and don't understand what we’re talking about, we'll venture that the audio enthusiast in your life will care. That's why the McIntosh MA352 is such a great audio component. It combines the warmth and sweetness of a vacuum tube preamplifier with the brawn of a solid-state amplifier capable of driving almost any speaker. It's an all-analog design that will please a purist, and the audio is sonic bliss. It pairs well with one of the turntables described above, too. 

Monitor Audio Silver 100 Speakers

Monitor Audio is known for providing hi-fi sound quality at prices that are down to earth. The Silver 100 bookshelf speaker is an excellent example. This is an audio-enthusiast-worthy speaker that won’t empty a wallet or take up significant floor space in a room. The 8-inch C-CAM driver delivers the bass, and the gold-dome tweeter offers sweet highs without fatigue at high decibel levels. The Silver 100 speakers are perfect for big, accurate sound in a smaller listening room or even as part of a smaller surround sound system.    

Klipsch Cornwall IV

The all-new Klipsch Cornwall IV is a worthy successor to the Cornwall III and is part of a line that dates back to the 1960s. As part of the Klipsch Heritage line - exclusively available from GHT Group in the Atlanta area - it is still built to order by hand right here in the USA. If your audio enthusiast wants to recreate the live sound of a concert in their listening or living space, this speaker fits the bill. It delivers the best of Klipsch's lively, forward, full sound. And you can audition them in our Marietta showroom, too - maybe you'll want a pair for yourself!  

Make GHT Group your one-stop-shop for the perfect holiday gift for your audio lovers. Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to seeing you.

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