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Thinking About Automated Window Treatments and Lighting for Your Home?

It’s Essential to Bring Your Local Lutron Dealer in Early in the Process

Thinking About Automated Window Treatments and Lighting for Your Home?

Are you building or remodeling a home in Kennesaw, GA? If so, you are likely considering a myriad of options regarding how you want your home to look and feel. From colors, finishes, flooring, appliances, hardware, and more, you have much to consider and decide.

One area that should also be considered early in the project is the integration of home automation features like lighting control and motorized shades. Both of these work hand in hand to help you make the most of natural lighting, add to your home's aesthetic appeal, and as a bonus, make it more efficient.

If you are considering these smart home features, you should consider one of the premier names in managing and controlling light – Lutron. Lutron has an enviable array of options for lighting control in the home. To get the best aesthetic and functional results for your home, it’s essential to bring in a Lutron dealer like GHT Group early into your project. Let’s explore why below.

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Wired or Wireless?

This question looms large when it comes to automated lighting and shading. Lutron makes solutions for both of these that offer wireless options. For shading, wireless provides the ability to use battery power as opposed to energy from low-voltage wiring. This can save on pre-wire costs and is a benefit for retrofits and remodels where adding wiring adds significant work and expense.

For shades and motorized window treatments, not all windows will be good candidates for wireless battery operation, either due to the size and weight of the treatment or the accessibility of the shade to replace the batteries. The good news is you don't have to pick one or the other; a mixed installation will also work with several Lutron solutions that can all operate under unified control.

For lighting control, there are similar options to weigh. Some Lutron solutions like RadioRA 2 take advantage of wireless keypads to provide more options for lighting control retrofits. Other Lutron solutions enable greater expandability and control choices but will require more planning for centralized control panels and management of lighting loads. To make the right choice, it's wise to bring in expert lighting companies to help you decide on the best solutions from every standpoint, including your budget.

Design Considerations

Smart home technology gives you different ways to manage and interact with your home. Traditional controls like standard thermostats and lighting switches might be limited by the ease of installing supporting wiring in a location. Wireless technologies like Lutron's ClearConnect can free lighting controls from direct connection to lighting loads. Wireless temperature sensors can allow for more flexible thermostat installation in the home as the connection to the HVAC system can be located where it's convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

For shading installation, some contemporary styles like Lutron’s Palladiom line benefit modern interior design styles by fitting seamlessly within window frames. You can take advantage of smart home features to design your home around them for a complete integration of form and function.


Consider the effect and impact of smart home features like lighting and shading from the start. GHT Group is metro Atlanta’s premier Lutron dealer and home technology specialist. Contact us here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you.

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