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Spring Into Fall with Smart Home Automation

Spice Up Your Routines For Working, Learning, and Playing at Home

Spring Into Fall with Smart Home Automation

If our clever title has you lamenting the end of summer in Georgia, we did not skip the season by Springing into Fall. Indeed, please read all about enjoying summer fun with outdoor entertainment technology. But as you read this, you are quite likely wondering what might be happening with school schedules this fall, given the ongoing pandemic. 

As your local smart home company in the Atlanta area, we can offer you some innovative ways to have smart technology make the new home routines for work, play, and fun a little more manageable, and, dare we say…fun! Not only that, but we can also show you this tech in action at our 20,000 square foot showroom in Marietta. Keep reading for some ideas that may spark your imagination.

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Wake Up

It's difficult for the kids to adjust from summer schedules of sleeping late. Given the early start to many schools, parents often have to adjust too, back to the routines of getting kids to class. But if classes – and work – resume only virtually for the time being, you still need to keep schedules. With a smart home system like Control4, you can help the alarm out by gradually brightening bedroom lights and automatically raising motorized shades to let the light in and get everyone up and going. While you’re at it, how about playing an energizing soundtrack all over the house on the whole home audio system? The music choices might depend on how difficult your family is to roust out of bed, but it’s your call!

Limit the Entertainment

There might be many late nights of Netflix binges and nonstop video games in the lazy days of summer. If it's hard to get the kids to bed, let your smart home manage the schedule. Have all your TVs and audio gear – including those game consoles – turn off when you deem prudent to ensure everyone gets to bed. Turn them all off at once with one button on your smartphone app, or just put it on a schedule during the school week. Just don't let the kids have control of the system, they might change it! We can show how to do that with smart home user profiles.

Have a Little Fun

With everyone home, the lack of variety can change of scenery can get old. Break up the monotony a bit with a little fun during the day. For example, you can set up an entertainment scene with one button that turns on some energetic family-friendly tunes, fires up the pool and spa heaters, and gets you ready to enjoy a nice break outdoors from computer and tablet screens. An automatic timer turns it all off, and you'll know recess is over to get back to business.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

If you have to leave home for work or other reasons, there's no need to worry about mundane things like if you remembered to lock the doors, close the garage door or a home gate, or left a million lights on. Smart home systems like Control4 give you accessible remote access functions to instantly see the status of all those things.

If you like fine control, you can turn things off (or leave on) yourself. If you just want it all done for you, when the system detects you left the house - via smartphone geolocation or occupancy sensors – your smart home can lock itself, turn off lights, set the temperature to something eco-friendly, and turn on the alarm system. No worries!

Let GHT Group show you how to make your new (or old) routines simpler, safer, and fun. Contact us here to get started or click below to connect with one of our smart home experts quickly. We look forward to working with you! 

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