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Shade or Sun, There’s a Perfect Outdoor TV for Your Space

Take TV Outdoors with Samsung and Séura

Shade or Sun, There’s a Perfect Outdoor TV for Your Space

Let's face it; TV isn't just TV anymore. The modern TV is a window onto the vast world of digital entertainment – and education, too. It's all about how you use the window to expand your horizons. And while we're talking about horizons, why not take the window outside?

A TV could be part of your enjoyment of the outdoors. Enjoy football games with friends, gather the family for summer movies under the stars, and follow your favorite yoga routine on the screen. With screen mirroring, you can even get some work done outside for a change of scenery.

Need some ideas for the right outdoor TV for your outside areas in Cumming, GA? Read on for some of our current favorites at GHT Group.

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TVs for Shaded Areas

Many outdoor TVs live in shaded areas on a patio. For those spaces, you need a bright TV, but not the brightest. The Séura Shade Series 2 is perfect for a covered patio. It starts with the IP56 rating that withstands water spray, dust, insects, and more. It will survive temperatures of -24° to 140°F, plenty for Georgia’s extremes. With 4K and HDR support, 700 nits of brightness, and a 50W built-in soundbar for superior sound, why stay inside to watch?

For another option, Samsung’s Terrace TV brings the company’s acclaimed QLED technology to the outdoors. The Terrace Partial Sun TV is equally comfortable in partial sun or full shade, and its incredible 2000 nits of brightness assure a vivid picture in any light. Equally adept at withstanding the elements, the Terrace brings all the features people love about Samsung smart TVs to your outdoor spaces. Not to be outdone on sound, Samsung also offers a premium outdoor 3-channel soundbar to match the Terrace TVs. With 210 watts of power, a built-in subwoofer, and a wireless connection to the Terrace TV, the Terrace soundbar will give you rich, full sound for all your content outside while remaining impervious to the elements.

TVs for Sunny Areas

Want to bask in the sun while doing yoga? You can with these full-sun-rated outdoor TVs. Séura Ultra Bright TVs were some of the original models that could be watched in full sunlight. Ultra Bright models are ultra-tough for fully exposed environments with materials and construction to stand up to sun, rain, cold, dust, snow, and ice. Séura employs proprietary active heating and cooling so it will never freeze or burn up, no matter the temperature. And did we mention these are available in sizes up to 86 inches? Poolside TV, anyone?

Samsung's Terrace can also play in the sun. The Terrace Full Sun models are available in 65 and 75-inch panels of QLED goodness. QLED technology's exceptional brightness shows here, too, with up to 1500 nits for a beautiful picture in bright sunlight. The special anti-reflective screen and Adaptive Picture feature allow you to appreciate fine details that won't get washed out in the sun. Want to do that yoga in the sun? Samsung includes Airplay and Google Cast support so that you can put anything from your smart device on the big screen.


Isn’t it time to have more fun outside with an outdoor TV? GHT Group is your home technology expert that can walk you through all the options for outdoor entertainment. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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