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Reimagine Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire

With Luminaire Luxor, the Possibilities Are Endless

Reimagine Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire

Chances are you already have some outdoor lighting on your property. It may light the driveway, a pathway, and perhaps some of your landscape. On these pages, we have written extensively about how lighting can create a whole new look for your home, inside and out. With landscape lighting, you can totally change the character of your property after dark.

Outdoor lighting design is part art and part science. The art is hiring an expert outdoor lighting company that knows all the proper techniques and tricks of the trade that add panache to your property after sunset. The science comes in using the right lighting systems that provide the tools to make it happen. GHT Group is excited to work with FX Luminaire Luxor, an advanced outdoor lighting system that offers simple installation and fantastic flexibility to design dramatic nightscapes for your Cumming, GA property. Read on to learn more about the Luxor system!

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Zoning and Dimming

Good lighting design, indoors and out, tends to take a layered approach. Part of that is using varying brightness levels in different areas. While extensive dimming control has been a standard feature of indoor lighting control systems, outdoor systems have not easily enabled that capability. The Luxor control system from FX Luminaire has the most advanced low-voltage lighting transformer on the market, incorporating zoning and dimming right into the controller. The installation only requires two wires, and since it's low voltage, it's much more flexible than line voltage systems. With precise dimming control, it’s easy to create beautifully layered nighttime lighting scenes outdoors.

Add Color Easily

The Luxor system's ZDC LED fixtures allow for a wide array of colors to be used to decorate your landscape. With RGBW capability – red, green, blue, and white – you can create up to 30,000 custom colors. Color temperature, saturation, and brightness let you use your imagination to change the look of your outdoor spaces. Use color to match the vegetation as it changes in the seasons. Use holiday themes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Easter, or go red for Georgia Bulldogs games – the sky is the limit.

Comprehensive Control

The Luxor system offers fine control over your outdoor lighting. You can turn zones on and off and adjust each zone’s intensity and color. Use the scene creator to design and save up to 40 scenes for everyday and special occasion lighting. With astronomical timing, you can accurately use sunset and sunrise times for automated lighting control. Calendar and event programming let you precisely control when lights go on and off, including on the same night. The Luxor Cube can also incorporate other components like fountain and pond pumps and fire pits for a completely coordinated outdoor system. The Luxor smartphone app puts it all in the palm of your hand, and cloud connectivity enables easy remote control and configuration backup. The Luxor system can also be linked to your existing smart home control system like Control4 for even greater integration and automation.

Reinvigorate your outdoor lighting with the power and flexibility of FX Luminaire Luxor. To get started, contact us here, or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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