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Product Spotlight - The New Monitor Audio Bronze 6G

Monitor Audio Has Introduced the Sixth Generation of its Award-Winning Bronze Speaker Collection

Product Spotlight - The New Monitor Audio Bronze 6G

Monitor Audio is a great British speaker company, much like KEF and Bowers & Wilkins. Unlike those companies, Monitor sometimes flies a little under the radar but is nonetheless quite familiar to most audio enthusiasts.

Last year we were excited to bring in Monitor Audio to our growing stable of high-fidelity speaker brands at GHT Group, in addition to MartinLogan, Klipsch Heritage, and McIntosh. This year, we are very excited to introduce the new Monitor Audio Bronze 6G, which might bring a new benchmark in audio price/performance to your Buckhead, GA living room. 

Read on to learn more about the new Monitor Audio Bronze 6G line.

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Evolutionary Upgrades

Most speakers don't change radically, and companies like Monitor Audio continue to evolve what they do best and focus on areas that can use additional improvement.  Launched 20 years ago, the Bronze Series was already an excellent choice for audio lovers on a budget.

The new Bronze 6G ups the ante in the aesthetics department with a polished look that belies the price point. The most visible feature is the hexagonal dispersion guide over the gold tweeter. It adds a high-end touch to the Bronze 6G line that echoes the design of the higher-end Silver and Gold series. Underneath that new aesthetic feature is a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide, which provides improved time alignment of drivers as well as a wider soundstage.

Like other Monitor Audio speakers, the Bronze 6G line features the company’s C-CAM metal drivers. They have been improved with Damped Concentric Mode technology as well as a larger voice coil to improve driver control and bass response.  

New Dolby Atmos Module

For lovers of immersive 3D audio in movies, Monitor Audio is introducing its first-ever Dolby Atmos speaker. These fit neatly atop the Bronze 6G bookshelf or tower models matching the finish and style perfectly. Perhaps more importantly, the C-CAM driver and gold dome tweeter are voiced the same as the rest of the speakers, allowing for a matched and balanced multichannel Dolby Atmos setup. The Dolby Atmos modules have keyhole mounts so they can be utilized as wall-mounted surround or height speakers.

A Complete Speaker Line

With the addition of the new AMS Dolby Atmos speaker, the Bronze 6G is an even more compelling proposition. You have the choice of two bookshelf models, two towers, a center channel with two 5.5-inch mid-bass drivers, a 10-inch subwoofer, and a dipole surround. Updated finishes include a new urban gray as well as black, white, and walnut.

The new Bronze 6G series was designed to fulfill a mission of delivering excellent audio quality for both music and movies at affordable prices, and to look good doing it. 

To learn more about the new Monitor Audio Bronze 6G, visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to serving you.

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