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Product Overview: Paradigm Monitor SE Series Speakers

Paradigm Speakers That Will Rock Your House, Not Your Bank Account

Product Overview: Paradigm Monitor SE Series Speakers

Sometimes we have champagne tastes, but our budgets tend to favor the price of beer. Music enthusiasts with big budgets are known to spend significant dollars trying to extract that last ounce of performance from their system. Whether it's the speakers, the amplifier, the preamp, the music player, or the cables, the HiFi enthusiast’s quest is for the perfect sound. Sometimes the search is never-ending, but indeed, that's part of the fun and the hobby.

But what if you are a music lover with other responsibilities and can't devote a large piece of your disposable income to the search for your perfect sound? The good news is that we are in a bit of a "golden age" for audio, with a plethora of great sounding gear available at affordable prices.

One of those pieces of gear comes from Paradigm. Paradigm is a Canadian company with a rich history of speakers. The company's founders believed in custom-designing their speakers based on science, not the prevailing conventional wisdom. They used audio research from the National Research Council of Canada to guide their original designs. The other major tenet the founders wanted to uphold was accessibility – they wanted to make audiophile speakers regular folks could afford.

While Paradigm now makes some high-end speakers like the Persona Series, the company is still known for delivering serious audio performance for the dollar. If you are an HiFi enthusiast on a budget in the Vinings area, Paradigm speakers should be on your short list to evaluate.

Let’s take a closer look at the Paradigm Monitor SE Series, where high-performance audio and affordability happily intersect.

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Paradigm Speakers’ Trickle Down Technology

One of the best parts about buying an affordable speaker from a company that also makes high-end models is the trickle-down effect. We’re not talking about economics here, but we are pointing out that the same engineering know-how and technology that goes into the Persona Series also finds its way into the Monitor SE line. The differences tend to be in driver materials, cabinet construction, and other aspects, but you are still getting the science behind Paradigm’s best speakers even at this level.

Sophisticated Designs

The Monitor SE Atoms are a two-driver, two-way design. They are perfect for a small room stereo system or as surrounds paired with other Monitor speakers for a media room or home theater. The Monitor SE 2000C is a 3-driver center channel speaker for multichannel systems. The Monitor SE 3000F and 6000F are tower designs equally at home in stereo or multichannel systems. Both are 3-way designs with excellent bass response at a price that practically anyone can afford. All models feature Paradigm's advanced technology like their patented X-PAL Pure Aluminum Dome tweeters, which help deliver high frequencies without fatigue.

Looks that Say You Spent More

The Monitor SE line’s anti-resonance cabinets are styled with a modern European minimalist aesthetic. Available in matte black and a contemporary gloss white, they fit in with your décor but don’t call a lot of attention to themselves. Sturdy outrigger feet for the tower models ensure that you can adapt them for stable footing on either carpet or hard flooring.

A Price Point for Everyone

The Monitor SE Atom starts at $149, and the top of the range SE 6000F begins at $449. With prices like these, it's easy to build a music enthusiast 2-channel or home theater setup on a budget. Consider the Monitor SE line the gateway drug to HiFi – once you hear this sound, you'll be hooked, and you won't be able to go back to bad speakers. Professional reviewers say that these speakers, like all Paradigm models, excel at presenting music and movies in a neutral, uncolored way, just the way HiFi enthusiasts like their audio.

Want to test out Paradigm’s Monitor SE speakers for yourself at our Metro Atlanta showrooms? Reach out to us here or chat live with us below to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation!

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