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Limited Time: Enjoy 20% Off All Paradigm Outdoor Speakers

Dream of Owning an Outdoor Speaker System? Now’s the Perfect Time.

Limited Time: Enjoy 20% Off All Paradigm Outdoor Speakers

You put as much effort into the outside of your home as the inside. You have your beautiful slate patio and the finest outdoor furniture. You have an outdoor fireplace. You have the spa – custom, of course. You have the picturesque garden with the coleus, hibiscus, elephant ears, and other colorful and lush plants. You even have the custom fountain with its calming, constant flow of water.

What’s missing from this perfect scenario? Music!

If you don’t have an outdoor speaker system, you're missing the ideal complement to the beautiful, relaxing outside spaces of your Metro Atlanta home. Fortunately, that's what Georgia Home Theater does, and we can get you fixed up for spring with the essential outdoor sound system for your patio and gardens.

There’s one important thing you should know right away. Through May 31, we are featuring 20% off on the full line of Paradigm outdoor speakers. You have almost no excuse not to have great audio outdoors.

A word about Paradigm. Since 1982, this Canadian company has been making high-quality speakers at affordable price points. They are known for the neutral, accurate, and uncolored sound of their speakers. The company makes speakers from affordable to high-end, but every product they make delivers a strong value proposition. More recently they have turned their efforts to expanding their outdoor line, so now you can have your entire house – theater room, listening room, bedrooms, outdoors, and anywhere else – bathed with the musical sound of Paradigm speakers.

Want to hear more? Read on to learn more about Paradigm’s speakers, and see which ones are the perfect fit for your outdoor spaces.

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In the Patio

Starting in the patio, Paradigm’s Stylus line (pictured above) features the same kind of engineering they put into their indoor lines. The top of the range Stylus 470 sports a 7.5-inch woofer for excellent bass and a 1-inch dome tweeter. The Stylus series is designed to be wall-mounted and are sealed for weather resistance in Paradigm’s PolyGlass enclosures. They are paintable to match your outdoor colors and be unobtrusive while delivering high-quality sound.

Here’s an additional idea while you’re considering patio speakers – let us show you some exciting options for adding an outdoor TV to your patio. Of course, we can route the audio to the Stylus speakers for excellent sound too. You will get even more use out of your patio, day or night.

In the Garden

The Garden Oasis series is Paradigm’s first ever landscape speaker system. Of course, they brought their audio engineering prowess to this line as well. It features their patented R.E.D. technology, which is a tweeter housing design that reduces the negative effects of diffraction, improving midrange frequencies in an outdoor environment. The whole idea is to reduce standing waves often caused by traditional designs.

With two models of buried subwoofers (only the mushroom-like cap is visible) and two sizes of satellite speakers, the system is very scalable. It can start with one subwoofer and two satellites and go as big as your property needs. While the textured copper finish speakers are weather resistant, Paradigm has thoughtfully designed optional watertight rubber covers – because winters in Canada are much worse than Atlanta.

In the Rocks

If you do have a rock garden, Paradigm has the perfect speaker for that area too. If you don't, the Rock Monitor series is an excellent way of hiding the speaker in plain sight. You can use them as an accent in a garden or around a pool area or natural rock waterfall feature – your imagination is the only limit. The Rock Monitors come in two sizes, and both feature dual tweeters offset at 30 degrees to ensure wide sound dispersion. Each rock speaker is a self-contained stereo unit, so only one is needed in an area for full, rich sound.


Are you ready to outfit your outdoor areas with the lush sound of Paradigm speakers? Did we already mention that we are offering 20% off any Paradigm outdoor systems through the end of May? What are you waiting for?

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