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Manage Your Control4 System with Your iPhone and Apple Watch

Smart Home Control Gets Easier All the Time with Control4

Manage Your Control4 System with Your iPhone and Apple Watch

This world is fueled by software innovation. Software makes our computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, and smart homes do more things faster and better. One thing you don’t want in a software-driven world? Static software with infrequent updates. 

You might think – as you wait patiently for your latest Windows or Mac update to finish installing on your computer – doesn’t every company update their software? Unfortunately, some software gets updated and enhanced a lot more than others. Control4, a premier smart home platform, understands this. They’re constantly upgrading their system with new features and updates, large and small. 

In this blog, we'd like to point out some nifty new updates that make managing the Control4 system in your Suwanee, GA home easier. If you have both an iPhone and Apple Watch, keep reading below!

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Mobile App Updates

Apps are wonderful tools to help you do things, including controlling a smart home. However, these features require a robust and fast internet connection. Nothing is more frustrating or infuriating than a delay from the push of a button or a swipe to the device reacting. Behind the scenes, Control4 overhauled its remote connection software in the cloud to make connections much snappier and faster. They improved performance by up to 40% from the previous app and have even updated the icon to let you know what kind of connection you have. A laptop icon denotes a local connection, a globe indicates a standard-speed internet link, and a lightning bolt means you've got real speed. If you use an Android device, you'll be happy to know it applied to that Control4 app too. 

Another update makes the iOS Control4 app work better too. Sometimes, Apple privacy rules can block certain features when users have specific privacy settings on their devices. Control4 added an “Answer Doorbell With” feature to make it easier to answer an Intercom Anywhere call or a visitor that rings the Chime or Door Station video doorbell right from your iPhone. You can see who is there, have the option to have your microphone muted or on, and easily manage calls and visitors. 

Apple Watch Updates

What’s the easiest remote control device of all? The one that’s always with you right on your wrist! The Control4 app works with your Apple Watch, giving easy and fast access to oft-used smart functions. For example, you can favorite an entire room to have access to lights, entertainment, climate control, and more in that room. For quick media access, you can play your favorite playlist, album, or track on your whole home audio system at your convenience. You can also favorite specific devices to get to them quickly, like a smart lock or a set of lights you use often. 


Whether you currently own a Control4 system and want to upgrade or are intrigued by the possibilities of home automation, GHT Group is your local Control4 expert. Reach out to us here or click the chat below to connect with us. We would love to help you!