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Make Florida Nights Glow with Landscape Lighting

Let a Local Landscape Lighting Company Light Up Your Nights

Make Florida Nights Glow with Landscape Lighting

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the coastal Florida Panhandle area, you know how you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year round. Whether your Destin home is a winter escape from the North or your all-season home, sunshine and beautiful starry nights are abundant.

Given Florida's easy outdoor climate, you'll want your home to look as distinguished on the outside as it is inside. Don't let your home's beauty diminish at night; highlight it with outdoor lighting. You can emphasize your home's best features and create a safer, more picturesque ambiance to enjoy your patio, pool, and outside space. The best way to illuminate your outdoor living is with the help of a professional landscape lighting company like GHT Group to design the right plan and bring simplified control and automation to your lighting. Read on to learn more.

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Showcase Your Home’s Features

You can add drama and flair to your home’s appearance at night, showcasing details that might not be as visible by day. Uplights can add the illusion of lights to your home's exterior, or you can accentuate the large Sabal Palm in your front yard.

If you have a fountain in your front or back yard, highlight both the design and the water. Underwater lights add shimmer to your water feature. A downlight from a tree or a wall can highlight your fountain in the night.

Add Safety

Landscape lighting can add safety as well as beauty. Use embedded path lights and wall lights to illuminate walkways to features of your yard like a spa or outdoor kitchen. In front, a walkway from the driveway or parking area guides guests to your door. For additional safety, you can add motion-activated spotlights for areas where intruders might attempt to enter your home.

Control It All Easily

You can add layers of lighting for both aesthetics and safety, but you can add multilayered control of all of it too. A lighting control system can give you one-button control of all your lighting, or better yet, scheduled control. Turn on your safety lighting from sunset to sunrise, but only use your aesthetic lighting until 2 AM.

Modern landscape lighting uses LED technology instead of older halogen, incandescent, or compact fluorescent fixtures and bulbs. LED has tremendous advantages in efficiency, cool running, and longevity over these other lighting technologies. LED landscape lighting can also be enabled with color temperature and color variances, allowing even more control over the look and ambiance of your outside spaces.

GHT Group works with advanced landscape lighting systems like FX Luminaire. Among the unique features of their lighting is the ability to easily dim outside lighting, allowing for better aesthetics, efficiency, and compliance with neighborhood lighting rules and dark sky ordinances. Another exciting feature is lighting zones, which let you dim or add color to specific lighting areas and control them separately, giving you an exceptional level of customization for outdoor lighting for every day and every occasion.

Ready to softly light up the night outside your Destin home?  Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our landscape lighting experts. We look forward to working with you!

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