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Love Your Music Outside with Marine-Grade Speakers

Create an Outdoor Listening Room

Love Your Music Outside with Marine-Grade Speakers

Do you have a favorite listening room in your house? The place where you have your turntable, CD player, or high-resolution music player pumping out high-octane music on your tower speakers? When you step out on your patio, don’t you miss that setup?


You can open the windows and blast the sound outside, but we don’t suggest that. There’s a better, easier, and gentler way to get your groove on while you’re outside in Dunwoody with an outdoor speaker system.


Outdoor speakers come in many styles and types for outdoor use. There are wall-mounted varieties, speakers that look like rocks to hide in plain sight in your gardens, buried subwoofers, bollards, and more. There has never been a better selection to get excellent sound outdoors, whether you have a small patio off of your high rise or a multi-acre spread.


One of the most popular outdoor speakers is the in-ceiling type. These are perfect for covered patio areas and can offer the kind of sound quality you have in your indoor listening room. Granted, you may not be able to achieve the same elevated audio you enjoy with your high-fidelity system, but we guarantee you can have an outdoor audio system that will provide hours of musical pleasure. Keep reading to see how.

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Marine-Grade Speakers

What do we mean by marine-grade speakers? As you might guess, they are suitable for wet environments. You might also guess that you’d find them on larger boats, and you'd be correct on both counts. Marine-grade needs to perform in tough conditions. In some cases, the speakers need to withstand continuous splashing with high volumes of water. Don't try that with a regular in-ceiling indoor model.

If installed on a boat, marine-grade puts out a significant volume of sound because it may be competing against the sound of water and roar of an engine. It might also need to be installed in a relatively shallow enclosure as boats don't have unlimited space. But loud and water-resistant doesn't mean much if it doesn't sound good, so the speakers also need to deliver high-quality sound.


High Performance

Do you need marine-grade speakers for your covered patio? Maybe not, in the same way you don't need a Porsche 911 to commute to your office. But isn't it nice to have the performance and capability whenever you need or want it? A marine-grade speaker stands up to your patio power-washing and successive days of high humidity, condensation, heat, and cold. In other words, it is the Porsche 911 for your outdoor listening room, content to putter along on background music, and ready to crank to reference level when you want it.

One of our favorite brands at Georgia Home Theater, Bowers and Wilkins, makes the Marine 8, a high-performance in-ceiling speaker built to withstand very watery elements with an IP66 rating.  If you like the B&W Diamond series in your indoor listening room, you just may want these for your outdoor speaker system.


Georgia Home Theater can create the ideal outdoor speaker system for your Atlanta-area home, no matter how wet or dry your patio is. Visit our showroom, fill out our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.

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