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How to Use LED Light Fixtures for Indirect Lighting

Add Drama and Flair to Your Rooms with LED Lights

How to Use LED Light Fixtures for Indirect Lighting

GHT Group loves LED lighting for many good reasons. Shall we count the ways? Just peruse some of the reasons below:

  1. LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than incandescent lighting.

  2. Because it’s so efficient, it uses its energy to make light, not heat. That means lighting up your room doesn’t warm it up too.

  3. LED lighting is incredibly long-lived. You can get up to 10 times the life of incandescent bulbs. We're talking 20,000 hours of light for some.

  4. Unlike compact fluorescent lights, they don’t require special disposal because of mercury or other harmful materials. Not that you’ll be disposing of many.

LED lighting fixtures, by virtue of the way the technology works, also allow lighting designers to create different types of lighting not possible with other technologies. That means you can be very creative in illuminating your Buckhead, GA home in imaginative ways. Read on for a few ideas for indirect lighting with LED fixtures.

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LED Skylights

Do you have a space that needs more light, like a bathroom? You can make an artificial skylight by hiding LED lights behind a panel mounted in the ceiling. The LED lights could be light strips or other fixtures, depending on the brightness and the design. You can use a frosted panel for a softer light, or even one with a design for a different effect. Want to make the skylight more natural? With tunable LED lights, you can vary the color temperature of your skylight. Make it bright like noon sunlight during the day and dim it to a warmer tone in the evening as the sunsets. Tunable lighting can help your mood and sleep patterns, too.

Ceiling Lighting

Many rooms have vaulted, stepped, and coved designs. Why not highlight the design of your ceiling for fun and beauty? You can draw attention to your ceiling and set a mood in combination with other LED lights. LED light strip fixtures are perfect for this application, as they can add various effects. For example, tracing the vaulted part of the ceiling with lights adds height and flair. Have a beamed great room? Warm, dim LED lights on the beams can stage your room for entertaining or relaxing. If your ceiling has a cove, illuminate it with hidden LED strips.

Float It

Long before LED lights were on the scene, lighting designers created interesting effects by "floating" elements like bathroom counters with lights underneath them. Often the lights used in the past were fluorescent as they fit the application. LED lights have made it much easier to add these effects almost anywhere. Go ahead, add under counter lighting in your bath. Only now, you can dim it and change its color, too! If you have a modern bed, consider adding concealed LED strips underneath to make the bed appear to float in the bedroom. Alternatively, disguise the light behind the headboard for a different take.


These are just a few ways you can use LED lights in creative ways in your home. We can show you many more options, as GHT Group has lighting experts that can help with lighting design, landscape lighting, lighting control systems, and much more.  Contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our lighting experts or call to visit our Marietta showroom. We look forward to working with you!

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