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How to Enhance Online Activities at Home with Crestron Automation

Take Advantage of the Best Screens and Sound in the House for Productivity and Engagement

How to Enhance Online Activities at Home with Crestron Automation

We're all still making adjustments to our lifestyle with the ongoing pandemic. And while some schools and workplaces are back in operation, suffice it to say that everything is not back exactly the way it was before.

During this timeframe, we have leaned heavily on technology for work, education, entertainment, and even fitness. We’re not here to claim technology is a substitute for in-person interaction. Still, as a longtime home technology integrator, we are here to make it as easy and seamless as possible to enable you to do all that you want to accomplish.

While everyone is working on desktops, laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks, we think there's an opportunity to leverage existing AV setups in your home for more flexible and engaging work, learning, and socializing. It’s easy to do, especially if you employ Crestron Home smart automation in your Roswell, GA home. Let's explore some scenarios below that you may not have thought about. 

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More Engaging Interactive Lessons

Your large TV screens might be in a living area, media room, kid’s playroom, or game room. Why not take advantage of them for more engaging experiences? If your child is in a band or is learning to play an instrument, music lessons may not be feasible in person right now. Many have turned to online alternatives, either through video conferencing like Zoom or through video classes.

Sitting in front of a small laptop or tablet screen for a lesson is not the most engaging experience. You can connect your computer or tablet to the TV for better video experience. It's easier to have instruction on a large screen while a child is reading music and focusing on playing notes or learning a piece.

Getting Up and Moving

Video fitness classes are extremely popular, with both free and paid options available online. Apple’s recent entry into online fitness classes is a validation of the popularity. You can liberate classes and fitness lessons from the small screen onto the big one, freeing you or your kids to move around and enjoy the class or lesson. Imagine your daughter’s dance lesson on the big screen, where she doesn’t need to strain to see her laptop or tablet. Or if your favorite workout routine is online, follow along on the big screen where you have room to do it.

The Lean-back Experience

Some educational videos are easier to consume on the big screen. Many teachers are uploading video lessons or sharing others that students can watch on their own. We all know kids – and some adults – get antsy sitting for long periods in the same place, so breaking up the routine with a different environment can help. Putting up a prerecorded video on the big screen can be a great way to inject variety and absorb the material, particularly science or other lessons that integrate detailed visuals.

Crestron Home Makes it Easy

Crestron Home smart automation software makes it easy to incorporate all these scenarios. First, many applications don’t work well with screen casting software like Google Cast and Apple Airplay. But guess what does work well-wired connections! No matter what device you have - IOS or Android tablet, a Chromebook, Windows PC, or Mac – there’s a wired way to display your screen on a larger one with or without an adapter.

Where does automation come in? With Crestron Home, you don’t have to fiddle with TV or AV receiver controls to get it to work. One button on a touchscreen can set inputs, picture modes, and more to instantly share the image on your device to the TV screen. If your screen is connected to a soundbar or full surround system, the audio will provide a much more immersive experience than through tinny device speakers or headphones. 

Crestron smart home automation can do more than just get your device connected. If you want to dim lighting, draw or open shades, or turn the temperature down for that fitness or dance class, that same press of a button can do that too!


Let GHT Group show you how to enhance everything you do at home with the power of Crestron automation. To learn more, call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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