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How to Embrace the Vinyl Resurgence with Rega Planar Turntables

Rega Offers Solutions for Music Enthusiasts and Newcomers Alike

How to Embrace the Vinyl Resurgence with Rega Planar Turntables

In 2016, Rega went back to its roots and brought back the Planar name that made it a household name in the 1970s. The move coincided with vinyl's resurgence around that time. As the music industry moved to digital in the form of MP3s and streaming services, a lot of music fans turned back to vinyl records.

The tactile feel of holding a record offered such a better experience than pressing a button to play music from a playlist. That's not even considering the immense jump in quality when going from digital to analog recordings. But for some newcomers to HiFi audio, it can be daunting jumping to a vinyl world filled with dedicated music enthusiasts.

That’s the great thing about Rega’s Planar turntables. They’re easy to install in your Roswell-area home without needing prior expertise and come in a variety of price points to appeal to newcomers and music enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking to add some vinyl to your Georgia home audio installation, test out their main models in our Marietta showroom: The Planar 1, Planar 3, Planar 6, and Planar 8.

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Planar 1

Rega’s entry-level turntable comes with all you need to enjoy your favorite records. That includes a sturdy hub and plinth, 24-volt low-noise motor, 2-piece aluminum tonearm, and a basic Rega Carbon magnet cartridge.

Even this entry-level option offers much better quality than the all-in-one turntables you might find at your local retail store. It’s also designed to be user-friendly. Just move the balance weight to the back of the tonearm, remove your stylus guard, and start listening!  

Planar 3

The Planar 3, pictured above, comes with sturdier, lightweight housing and bearings which reduce friction and diminishes noise. Perhaps the most significant improvement is in the tonearm tube which redistributes mass more efficiently to reduce resonance. The turntable comes with an Elys cartridge stylus with a 3-point mounting system.

The What Hi-Fi 2016 and 2017 Product of the Year winner is great for ambitious newcomers and music enthusiasts alike. It offers precise sound reproduction and greater overall control, ideal for more experienced listeners. It is easy to get started and allows for customization and upgrades along the way as you become more educated.

Planar 6

The Planar 6 ups the ante in its design and engineering to create a record player that is both lightweight and rigid. It accomplishes this through high-pressure laminate (HPL) and an ultra-lightweight foam core Plinth.

It also includes an aluminum sub-platter and a 24-volt motor hand matched with a separate NEO power supply for reduced vibrations. It comes with a precision tonearm, advanced double brace technology, and an Ania moving-coil cartridge.

Overall, this results in cleaner and more detailed sound reproduction. The turntable is easy to install, though we recommend working with a professional. You need to match it with the right electronics in your home audio installation, which may require a bit more expertise. 

Planar 8

Like the Planar 6, it uses a foam core plinth covered by ultra-thin HPL layers. From there, the design takes a departure into a single-piece aluminum sub-platter and tool steel spindle all inside a brass housing. It has added vertical bearing assembly and low-capacitance cables to improve the sound. Finishing everything off is a three-piece glass platter that adds mass to the design where needed. The Planar 8 can be bought without a cartridge for music enthusiasts who have a preferred choice.

Don’t be intimidated by the specs. This turntable is still easy to use!

Buy the Planar 8 with a pre-mounted cartridge that is already aligned. To start listening, you just have to fit the tracking weight and set the bias. If it’s your first time, we can help you out with your home audio installation. We'll also match it up with high-performance electronics to tap into its real potential.

As for the sound, the Planar 8 carries its weight against much pricier counterparts. The audio is much more dynamic, detailed, and in-depth than the other Planar models. It also provides more punch and bass. It stands out, particularly, when it comes to its expansive soundstage — meaning it fills the room as needed and places instruments at the right place to make you feel like you’re physically with the musician in the room.  

We know for music newcomers, all this talk of specs can be overwhelming. We don’t blame you if you’ve got a slight headache after doing your research. The good news is that, ultimately, all that matters is the sound. Come into our Marietta showroom and check these Rega turntables out for yourself! As soon as you hear your perfect match, you’ll know it.

It’s time to add an analog touch to your home audio installation. Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one demo by calling (770) 955-8909, contacting us here, or chatting with us below. We look forward to assisting you!

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