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How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape with Coastal Source

Coastal Source Delivers Potent, Long-Lasting Audio in the Florida Climate

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Soundscape with Coastal Source

Florida weather can be tough on anything not inside air conditioning. The high humidity rusts bikes in garages and rots wood fences, and the salty air of the ocean can corrode metals and dull paint. At the same time, living in WaterSound means enjoying an outdoor lifestyle year-round, so you’re going to have things outside. 

One of the best additions you could make to maximize the enjoyment of your outside spaces is outdoor audio. An outdoor sound system can relax you for an afternoon of sunning and swimming in the pool, grilling dinner, or just enjoying a book on your lounge on a bright winter day. But can you get an outdoor sound system that stands up to the heat, humidity, and salt of the Florida 30A coast? You can with Coastal Source outdoor audio, a sound system made for its very name. Read on to learn more. 

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The Foundational Coastal Connector 

The most common point of failure in outdoor sound is not the speakers but typically the wires and cables that corrode from the elements. Coastal Source developed a lighting and audio system specifically designed to stand up to the challenging conditions of a coastal climate.

The company's patented Coastal Connector system does away with the need for cutting, splicing, and waterproofing wiring. The cables are already sheathed in rugged, waterproof covering, and the cable connectors have a secure plug, twist, and lock capability for connections that don't break or corrode. If you opt for Coastal Source outdoor lighting with your sound system – highly recommended – you get the same hardy cabling setup. 

Multiple Speaker Options 

Coastal Source has a wide array of speakers for various outdoor styles and performance levels. The two and 3-way Bollard series are like high-performance tower speakers for your outdoor space. The 3-Way Bollard 10.0 can be equipped with a 10-inch subwoofer for bass performance you wouldn’t expect outdoors. 

If you like your speakers to hide in your landscape areas and not make a statement other than sonically, Coastal Source has bullet speakers and buried subwoofers that can blanket your outdoor areas with even, rich sound. The bullet speakers are low profile and virtually disappear within bushes, tall grasses, and other plantings. All Coastal Source speakers feature robust construction inside and out to resist heat, humidity, rain, and UV rays. 

Marine Grade Amplifiers 

Outdoor speakers can't depend on walls and ceilings to reflect and amplify sound. To get the proper sound pressure levels outdoors, you need robust amplifiers too. The Coastal Source amplifier line not only provides their speakers with ample current,but they are wrapped in a weatherproof box and are connected by the same weatherized Coastal Connector system. Using amplifiers from JL Audio, a renowned marine brand, the Coastal Source amps can deliver up to 600 watts of clean power for audio you can feel.

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