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How to Conceal AV Tech with the Help of a Residential AV Contractor

Blending Cutting-Edge Technology with Timeless Design

How to Conceal AV Tech with the Help of a Residential AV Contractor

For design-conscious homeowners, architects, and interior designers in Atlanta, the enthusiasm to include the latest AV entertainment systems is often challenged by the need to maintain the aesthetic essence of their spaces. The desire for a sleek, clutter-free environment doesn't mean sacrificing the pleasures of high-end audio and visual entertainment. With the expertise of a residential AV contractor, the fusion of design and technology becomes not just possible, but an art form. Let's explore how below.

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The Art of Concealing Televisions

The television, often the centerpiece of many living spaces, doesn't have to be a constant visual presence. With solutions from companies like Future Automation, televisions can be masterfully concealed behind elegant artwork or within custom-designed furniture. When it's time for your favorite show, a simple command from a home automation system reveals the screen and brings the system to life, blending functionality with design. This approach ensures that when the TV is not in use, the room retains its design purity, free from technological distractions.

Seamless Speakers

Sound quality is paramount, as is the visual appeal of the space where the sound resonates. Sonance has revolutionized this concept with high-performance speakers like the Invisible Series that can be embedded into walls or ceilings. Once installed, they can be painted over, making them virtually invisible to the untrained eye. The result? Crystal-clear audio emanates from a source that doesn't intrude upon the room's design. It's a harmonious blend of auditory pleasure and visual tranquility.

Unobtrusive Projectors

The cinematic experience at home is no longer about bulky equipment that demands its own room. With the right design approach, modern projectors can be as discreet as any piece of AV equipment. Whether utilizing a mechanism that allows the projector to drop down from the ceiling only when needed or integrating it into a multifunctional piece of furniture, the options are vast and exciting.

The Role of the Residential AV Contractor

While the AV products themselves are innovative, their successful integration hinges on the expertise of the residential AV contractor. These professionals bridge the gap between technology and design. In a city like Atlanta, with so many unique homes, a residential AV contractor tailors solutions to each client's specific needs. They collaborate closely with homeowners, architects, and interior designers, ensuring that the AV solutions are not only top-notch in performance but also in harmony with the home's design ethos.


Marrying design with technology is an art and a science. With an experienced residential AV contractor like GHT Group, you don’t have to compromise the art for the science. To learn more, contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our expert staff quickly. We look forward to working with you!