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How to Add Curb Appeal, Safety, and Ambiance with Landscape Lighting

Elevate Your Outside Spaces After Sunset

How to Add Curb Appeal, Safety, and Ambiance with Landscape Lighting

With Florida's effortless outdoor lifestyle, you've likely invested heavily in your outdoor spaces. From the sabal palms to bald cypress trees to the many flowers, the yards and gardens in your Destin home are natural areas for relaxation and enjoyment.

There’s only one problem. If you don’t have a great lighting plan, all that beauty is lost to the darkness of night. As a landscape lighting company, we love to help Destin homeowners create a new view at night. Read on below to learn four ways we can transform your nightscape with light. 

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Make Your Own View

If you have a Gulf, inlet, or cove view, much of it is lost after dark. With landscape lighting, you can create your own view with the right control and design. Make your pools and water features come alive with light and add color with LED lighting. Add drama with uplights for regal palm trees or generate interest with an up-lit pergola by the water. Even if you have no views, you can make your home the view with wash lighting to highlight unique architectural features or outside amenities. 

Add a Dash of Safety

Of course, lighting is essential for safety. You can illuminate a driveway for easier navigation, embed lights in walking paths, and add lights under or beside steps to ensure visibility. Have these lights come on automatically at sunset or activate them with motion sensors. And all these features look great, too!

Set the Ambiance

Set the mood or ambiance to enjoy your patios and outdoors. LED pool lights, illuminated water features, and soft lighting in patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and other areas can create an engaging atmosphere for any activity, whether a lively party or a relaxing night swim or soak. 

Add the Convenience of Control and Automation

Like the system used inside your house, lighting control can create specific scenes for one-touch control of a series of lights. A "party" scene can add color and brightness to all the outdoor spaces, while "night swim" turns on just enough light for the pool or spa while still letting you enjoy a starry sky. Schedules that you never have to adjust for seasons can turn on other outside lighting at sunset and off at sunrise, or whatever timing fits your preferences. 


Are you ready to create your personalized nighttime atmosphere with landscape lighting? Contact our Santa Rosa Beach office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!