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How DMF DRD Series Makes Lighting Renovations Faster

Learn How DMF Modular Lighting Excels from Retrofits to New Construction from a Recessed Lighting Installation Company

How DMF DRD Series Makes Lighting Renovations Faster

Would you like to give your Inlet Beach, FL, home a lighting upgrade? You might think it will be a major construction task, but you might be surprised by today's new options. As a recessed lighting installation company, we partner with companies on the leading edge of modern lighting solutions. In recessed lighting, DMF offers an array of innovative, modular, and just plain clever lighting solutions that make lighting renovation easy. Whether remodeling or building new, solutions like DMF’s DRD Series take home lighting to the next level. Let’s explore more details about DMF’s DRD lighting below. 

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Components of DRD Series

The DRD Series is a modular lighting system that encapsulates DMF's commitment to simplifying installation without compromising quality. This system consists of four primary components: an LED Module, a Light Engine, a Trim, and a Junction Box. Each element serves a distinct purpose, contributing to the overall efficiency and adaptability of the series.

Key Features

A significant feature that distinguishes the DRD Series is the DMF OneFrame System and DMF's unique Twist & Lock technology. The design allows the housing to be installed separately from the rest of the light, offering flexibility and easing the installation process for professional installers. This modular approach is particularly beneficial during renovations, as it allows for the LED Module, Light Engine, and Trim to be updated or replaced without requiring extensive remodeling or construction. The latest updates add new compact M Series housings, which can go virtually anywhere, complying with the most stringent building codes. 

Performance and Aesthetics

The DRD Series also incorporates upgrades that enhance performance and aesthetic appeal. The LED Module now features a superior diffusion material that ensures an even light distribution, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a comfortable and pleasing ambiance. The Light Engine has also been upgraded with advanced thermal management, providing better heat dissipation for increased efficacy and a longer lifespan. This means you can enjoy brighter, more efficient lighting without worrying about frequent replacements, maintenance, or excessive heat. 

A Style for Every Home

Today’s homes feature smaller lighting apertures for sleeker-looking ceilings. DMF’s new small round and square styles—as small as 2 inches—provide brilliant, precisely controllable light with a discreet appearance. A variety of fixtures like downlights, wall wash, and aimable lights provide versatility to create the ideal layered lighting ambiance in any room. Precise warm dimming capabilities that work with the leading lighting control systems make controlling the atmosphere simple, while the high CRI (Color Rendering Index) shows off the beauty of your home naturally. 

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