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How Control4 Gives You Effortless Command of Your Home

3 Ways a Control4 Smart Home System Makes Life More Luxurious

How Control4 Gives You Effortless Command of Your Home

Smart home control is all about seamless and comprehensive integration. It’s not enough to have one remote that controls the AV system in your home theater. If you really want to live in a smart home, everything should be connected to one robust home automation system. By tapping an icon on a smart touchpad, you should be able to control the lights, surveillance cameras, home audio and video, and every other smart home technology.

Control4 is a leading provider of advanced home automation systems. They help homeowners enjoy one-touch command of every connected technology in their homes. In this blog, we’ll focus on three of the most impressive ways you can enjoy a Control4 home in Atlanta, GA. Keep reading for all the details.

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Complete Automation in Your Home Theater

Some homeowners are content with a traditional home theater. They use their remotes to turn on the big screen TV or projector and sound system – but that’s where the automation stops. However, smart home automation gets really fun in your private cinema. With a Control4 system, your home theater practically thinks for itself.

Once you program a scene, such as “Movie Night,” all you need to do is select the scene on your smart tablet or Control4 Neeo remote. Instantly, your lights dim, the motorized shades lower, and the AV system starts. What else do you need to do? Nothing! Just sit back and relax in your luxury theater seat while enjoying a home entertainment experience like no other.

Let There Be Light! And Motorized Shades!

A smart lighting system consists of more than a few smart bulbs you control with your phone. Control4 goes above and beyond to give you a robust and enviable lighting control system that is enjoyable to use. Control the lights in one or multiple rooms using one interface and create personalized lighting scenes for all your favorite activities.

For example, you can create a “Read” scene that dims your bedroom can lights and brightens your bedside lamps with a press of a button or voice command. Go bigger with whole-home light scenes like “Away” that ensures all your house lights are off save your porch light and other emergency lights you like to keep on.

Motorized window treatments complement your home’s lighting system perfectly. Not only can you control them from anywhere, but they can elevate your home décor and help you save energy. Lutron shading solutions integrate beautifully with Control4 and come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to match your interiors. Lift and lower your shades on a schedule and even integrate them with your lighting scenes to craft the perfect balance of natural light and artificial light indoors.

Whole-Home Sound: A Whole New Experience

Get up from your seat, take out your earbuds, and enjoy high-fidelity sound as you go from room to room in your home. A whole-home sound system offers a better way to immerse yourself in your favorite playlists, podcasts, and audio programs. The Control4 system transforms any room into a media room of sorts. Some rooms, such as the kitchen, can have hidden in-wall speakers that produce amazing sound quality. Other rooms, such as the living room or home theater could feature high-fidelity loudspeakers from brands like Klipsch and Monitor Audio.

Best of all, wherever you go in your home, your music will follow! And it’s so easy to control. Use your preferred control device to quickly select your music and where to play it in the home. Adjust the volume, skip a song, or change the playlist in a different room using the same interface.

A Control4 home does even more! For instance, you can also control your security system, thermostats, outdoor AV, and landscape lighting. Your smart home experience is completely your own with Control4. To get started with Control4, call GHT Group at 770-955-8909 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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