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How a Home Automation Contractor Customizes Your Smart Home

Your Smart Home, Personalized for Your Lifestyle

How a Home Automation Contractor Customizes Your Smart Home

Have you ever walked into two homes that are exactly alike? Not likely, as everyone’s home reflects their unique taste and lifestyle choices. You might find people that drive similar cars, wear the same brand of clothes, and belong to the same clubs, yet the inside of their homes will be quite different. 

Homes are very personal, and lifestyles can be wildly different. So when it comes to integrating smart technology into a home, the same approach won’t work for everyone. That’s where the services of a professional home automation contractor become indispensable. A home automation specialist knows how to recommend the right smart solutions and tailor them to the way you want to live. If you are considering smart home automation for your Santa Rosa Beach, FL home, here’s how it can be customized just for you. 

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What Do You Want?

It might sound basic, but people are very different in how they want to interact with and manage their homes. Some may love one button to operate a room full of lighting, and others may want more granular control of each light. Some may desire complete integration of lighting, temperature, window shading, and more, and others might prefer the simplicity of schedules they know. Some like to control things via touchscreens, and others prefer actual buttons. A home automation contractor conducts a thorough discovery process of a homeowner's desires before recommending any product, system, or technology. 

What Do You Need? 

Some homeowners might want it all, but the reality is that what they need is something less. Budget and technical considerations might place some limits, but even in the absence of budget limits, sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to automation. Some homeowners are comfortable with lots of automation they don't oversee or control, and others want more control over what happens and when. Neither is right nor wrong; the goal is to make smart technology work for you in whatever form that takes. 

Touch Points

Interfaces are important. For example, when people drive cars, certain touch points can greatly influence the purchase. How does the steering wheel feel in the hand? How comfortable are the seats? Do the controls require access through touchscreens, or are there hard buttons for climate and other controls? Your smart home can be the same. If you love touchscreens and apps, a touchscreen-based system might be perfect. If you like the tactile feel of buttons, you might heavily augment touch screens with wall-mounted keypads and remote AV controls with real buttons. They might all accomplish the same things, but how you get to them matters to you. 


Are you a set-and-forget type of person, or do you like to change things up? A home automation contractor can set your system up to your requirements, and it will operate that way for as long as you need. But what if you like to change things? For example, you may want to set up custom lighting scenes for different activities or different routines to keep your home secure while you're away. The newest home automation systems allow you to customize your system yourself if you choose. A home automation contractor can set up permanent automation and routines and show you how to access specific customization features to personalize your experience further. 

Hire a home automation contractor that can deliver the smart home experience that truly fits your lifestyle. Want to get started on your dream smart home? Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!