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Home Theater Product Spotlight: Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond

Install the Ultimate Home Theater Screen with Black Diamond Material

 Home Theater Product Spotlight: Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond

When you think of a home theater, the first thing that comes to mind is the big screen. While today's flat panels are growing to 100-inch sizes and even higher, the most cost-effective way to showcase a giant picture is still through a projector and screen; as long as you have the space.

What might keep someone from having the projector and screen setup? One common reason is that projectors and projection screens work best in darkened settings, and not everyone wants to retreat to a theater-dark room to watch a Netflix show or the night’s Braves game.

Fortunately, one company saw that problem and invented a solution. Screen Innovations is true to its name, designing innovative screens for media rooms and home theaters as well as unique motorized shading solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond theater screens are the first optical projection displays that reject ambient light from every direction, making them the perfect choice for any home theater or media room.

So if you have a media setup with a projector – or you are looking into a new home theater installation and would love to watch with the lights on or the shades up – a Black Diamond screen might be just what you need at your Roswell or Metro Atlanta home.

Keep reading below to learn more about Screen Innovations and its Black Diamond screen material!

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Superb Contrast

Screen Innovations uses nine layers of optical filters to achieve an incredible 900% improvement in contrast over the typical matte white or gray screens. These special filters reject 85% of the ambient light in a room. With today’s HDR technology being more important to picture quality than 4K, high contrast performance is a must to get the best in picture quality - and Black Diamond screens deliver, no matter the ambient light in the room you are watching from.

Improved Dark Room Performance

Standard projection screens also tend to reflect a lot of light. Today's projectors are also very bright, and in some cases, the screens reflect light that ends up reflecting off of walls and ceilings; even if those wall and ceilings are dark-hued. Black Diamond screens' optical filters also work not to reflect that light, absorbing it instead. The result is a deeper, more saturated picture with less unwanted light reflections coming from the screen.

Custom Options

Black Diamond is a screen material, and it is available in a wide range of sizes that can be custom-ordered through Georgia Home Theater. They are available in custom borders and aspect ratios, so you can get precisely what you want in your media room or home theater installation. Black Diamond is even available in a roll-up screen that disappears so your media room can go back to being a living room when you don’t want to see a screen. 

Black Diamond screens from Screen Innovations can improve your home theater installation no matter the ambient light situation in your Roswell or Metro Atlanta home.

Want to learn more about how you can enjoy a Black Diamond screen with the help of Georgia Home Theater? Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away.

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