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Here’s What to Consider Before Installing a TV Outdoors

Plan Ahead to Create an Enviable Outdoor Entertainment Space

Here’s What to Consider Before Installing a TV Outdoors

While you may spend most days enjoying the sand and surf in Alys Beach and along the Florida Panhandle, it’s also pleasurable to step into the backyard and grill with friends or suntan by the pool. On the days you choose to stay home, make outdoor living more fun with an entertainment system!

Before you start your project, remember that a little planning goes a long way. Bringing AV equipment outside isn’t the same as setting up an entertainment system in the living room. In this blog, we’ve provided a few tips to consider before you install an outdoor TV as part of your backyard entertainment system. Follow along below!

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1. Choose Where You’ll Watch Most

The first step is deciding the best place to install your TV outdoors. Think about where you’ll use it most. Do you want it under a covered patio or pergola where you commonly dine? Do you want it near the outdoor kitchen or bar? Maybe you want a great view of the screen from the pool or deck.

These outdoor areas receive varying amounts of sunlight and exposure to the elements, so it’s important to first determine where you’ll want to place your TV before purchasing your TV.

2. Use an Outside Rated TV

You may be asking, “Can’t I bring an indoor TV outdoors?” While it’s not uncommon for homeowners to place indoor TVs under a fully covered backyard area, we highly discourage this option for a few reasons: You’ll void the warranty on your TV, you’ll likely spend more money on replacing your TV when it becomes damaged from the elements, and your picture will become washed out on sunny days.

Outdoor-rated TVs from brands like Séura, SunBriteTV, and Samsung are specially designed for all-weather environments. Their durable exteriors resist water, extreme temperatures, salt, insects, dust, and debris. They’re also built with extra-bright panels to display clear, vivid images in sunlight and feature anti-glare and adaptive picture technologies so that picture stays perfect from morning to night.

3. Determine Mounting Height

If you want a dedicated outdoor home theater where everyone gathers in one area to watch a movie, then it’s best to mount your TV so that the center of the display is at eye level. However, if you want your TV to be easily viewable from multiple areas of the backyard, like the bar and pool, then you may need to mount your TV higher so that outdoor structures or landscaping doesn’t obstruct the view.

If needed, you can use a durable weatherproof mount that allows you to tilt, swivel, and raise or lower your TV from its mounting position to create the perfect viewing experience for any seat outside.

4. Add Speakers for Better Sound

Some outdoor TV models from the brands we mentioned above include 20W down-firing speakers, but others don’t have any built-in speakers. For sound that packs a punch against competing outdoor noises, we suggest adding a soundbar or pair your TV with an outdoor sound system.

Samsung, Séura, and SunBriteTV offer dedicated outdoor soundbars that perform well in loud outdoor environments and project rich, powerful sound directly toward you. Consider The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar from Samsung that features three channels, Dolby Atmos support, and a built-in subwoofer!


For the best results, leave your project to the technology professionals at GHT Group. We’ll help you select the right TV model, mount, speaker system or soundbar, and install everything for you. To get started, contact our Florida team at (850) 529-4743, fill out our contact form, or send us a message in the chat box below to speak with a team member now.

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