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Here’s What’s Next in Media Room Design

Spoiler Alert: It’s What You Don’t See

Here’s What’s Next in Media Room Design

If you happen to be old enough, you might remember a different time in electronic products. In the 1950s and 1960s, when they began exploding in popularity, many TVs and audio products looked like pieces of furniture instead of technology. You may remember the all-in-one turntable, AM-FM radio, and speakers that were all housed in an elegant wood credenza back in the day. Even separate components were encased in wood housing, and far more speakers had natural wood finishes that were not just black.

Today, technology looks like…technology. It is a rare product that incorporates unique design flair. Don't get us wrong; it does exist – in beautifully finished audio gear from McIntosh and Klipsch, to name but two examples. But many otherwise superb products don't always jive with the interior design visions of many of our customers.

We have solutions to that issue. If you don't like to see flat panel screens when they're not in use, you don't have to. On our blog, we've discussed many architectural speakers that deliver incredible sound without taking up any real estate in your room – including subwoofers.

This month, we want to tell you about a company that makes exceptional solutions to hide the technology bits you don't wish to be visible until they're called upon. Future Automation is an engineering company highly skilled at making equipment that looks custom-built for your home. So if you want a media room design that features more design than media equipment in your Buckhead home, there' likely a Future Automation solution.

Read on to learn more about innovative Future Automation products to hide your technology.

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Hidden Screens

Screens are big these days, and can overpower a room. But you can hide your screen! A projector screen can be recessed into the ceiling and motorized.

Future Automation makes a variety of lifts that help to conceal TVs and projectors. Flat panels can descend from a ceiling, hinge, and swivel into the right position with quiet motorized precision. You can mount a TV over a fireplace high and lower it into place for viewing. A unique horizontal lift can hide the TV in a wall; these are built to custom specifications to match the screen size and weight perfectly. 

Hidden Projectors

What about the projector? When it’s not on, it’s not necessarily an attractive piece of equipment. It’s not a problem for a dedicated and often dark home theater, but in a multipurpose media room, you likely don’t want it visible.

Projectors get hidden technology love, too. Ceiling mounts can hide projectors and lower them into position at the touch of a button. The Projector Hinge can conceal into a back wall, and the hinged door drops when it's time for the show. Future Automation even makes outdoor lifts suitable for outside use and marine environments, protecting the electronics from the elements.

Motorized Door Mechanisms

If you want to hide a whole wall’s worth of equipment until the time you need to use it, the MDM (motorized moving door mechanism) lets you do just that. It’s a quiet, smooth motorized device that can move heavy doors and panels to reveal your equipment. What could be a more dramatic and elegant way to reveal your media setup? And you can still hang your prized pieces of art on those panels, making the media screen the focal point only when you want.

Speaking of art, Future Automation makes various picture lift mechanisms that make your prized art into camouflage for your screens. There are both vertical and horizontal mechanisms to deftly move a picture out of the way to reveal the media equipment, so your equipment no longer needs to dictate your media room’s design.


To learn more about Future Automation and other great design ideas to conceal your media room technology, visit our Marietta showroom, contact us using our online form, or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you.

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