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Go Bigger Than Ever with a Sony 4K TV

The 100-inch Bravia XR X92 is the Ultimate Big-Screen TV

Go Bigger Than Ever with a Sony 4K TV

They say, "go big or go home," and that's exactly what Sony has done with its latest flat-panel TV. The 100-inch flat-panel now gives you the option to use a TV instead of a projector for the epic-size display you’ve always wanted in your media room.

Of course, size isn't everything with TV displays. A giant picture without the color, contrast, and clarity you want will not deliver a great viewing experience. As Sony is a longtime leader in image technologies, this TV also takes picture quality to another level with the Cognitive Processor XR, shaping a more natural image by understanding how humans see and hear.

Is the Bravia XR X92 the super-sized Sony 4K TV you’ve been waiting for? You’re in luck, as you can see it for yourself in our Marietta showroom! Now keep reading below for more of the details to see if this is your next TV.

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Cognitive Intelligence

Processing power and technology are key differentiators in picture quality across TVs. Sony has always been a leader in image processing due to its decades of experience in camera sensors, digital video, and consumer and film cameras. The last top-tier Sony processor introduced AI technology to detect objects and enhance color and contrast. With cognitive intelligence, Sony has taken AI processing to the next level.

Dividing the screen into hundreds of zones, Sony's state-of-the-art processing analyzes focal points, contrast, color, and clarity by simulating how the human brain perceives the world. It then adjusts the color, contrast, and other parameters to each object instead of the entire picture, creating three-dimensional depth and realism to each image.

Full-Array LED Panel

In TV displays, a full array LED backlight is best for precise control of contrast and the most natural and vivid color. The Bravia XR X92 combines a full-array backlight with XR Contrast Booster processing for deep blacks, incredible contrast, and stunning brightness. The result is stunning, memorable picture. XR Motion brings greater clarity to sports and action sequences without artifacts or judder, so your giant screen looks like a window into whatever you're watching.

XR Sound

Cognitive intelligence is not only applied to visuals but sound as well. Flat-panel TVs are not known for great sound quality, but Sony has set out to change that with advanced processing and clever engineering. By also analyzing how humans hear, Sony has created a more immersive and engaging sound experience without extra speakers.

Called XR Sound, Sony's sound processing places sound from where it's coming on the screen, whether it's the vocals from a singer or an airplane flying overhead in a scene. With Dolby Atmos processing and the use of the screen itself as a speaker (called Acoustic Multi-Audio), the X92 can provide a virtualized sound experience with a surprising three-dimensional soundscape.

Packed with Features

Like other top-of-the-line Sony TVs, the X92 comes loaded. Netflix Calibrated Mode optimizes Netflix original content to the way the directors intended, IMAX Enhanced brings the impact of IMAX films to the visuals and sound, and the Google TV system brings a plethora of content choices as well as the convenience of Google Assistant voice control. For Apple device fans, the TV includes Apple Airplay 2, letting the X92 play within the Apple HomeKit automation ecosystem and providing full-screen mirroring conveniences. HDMI 2.1 compatibility brings 4K/120fps gaming to the TV for smooth, no-lag video gaming.

Discover the incredible image quality of the Bravia XR X92 for yourself; it’s on display at our 20,000 square foot Marietta showroom! To learn more, contact us here or use the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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