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GHT Group Is Attending Lightapalooza 2024!

Why We’re Going and What it Means for You

GHT Group Is Attending Lightapalooza 2024!

There's something special about the glow of innovative lighting. Never have there been more options in illumination than in today’s market, and we’re excited about bringing them to our clients. That's exactly why we at GHT Group can't wait to head to Lightapalooza 2024. While a young event, it's quickly become the epicenter of education on the future of home lighting. We’re thrilled to be a part of it, soaking up every bit of knowledge and new tech to bring directly to you. So, let's flip the switch on Lightapalooza and explore why it’s important for us at GHT Group.


What is Lightapalooza?

Lightapalooza is more than a trade show; it's an educational powerhouse for professionals like us at GHT Group who are dedicated to the art and science of lighting. Spanning 12,000 square feet with around 50 exhibitors, it's a deep dive into the latest in lighting innovation. The event boasts 64 educational sessions, underscoring its commitment to advancing the integrator channel's expertise. This focus on education is why Lightapalooza is an annual staple for our team, ensuring we stay equipped with cutting-edge solutions to brighten our clients' homes.

GHT Group’s Involvement

Our team's presence at Lightapalooza symbolizes our dedication to excellence in the lighting field. We dive into each session and exhibit with a clear goal: to bring back the best in lighting technology to our clients. By engaging directly with industry leaders and exploring the latest innovations, we ensure our services are current and on-trend. Attending Lightapalooza directly impacts our ability to deliver top-tier, innovative lighting solutions that set new standards in the industry.

From Lightapalooza to Your Home

Every insight we gain at Lightapalooza transforms into tangible benefits for our clients. It's where we refine our understanding of lighting aesthetics and functionalities to enhance your living spaces. We translate the latest trends and technologies showcased at Lightapalooza into superior lighting experiences that are custom-designed for each home. This is how we ensure that the lighting solutions we offer are modern and efficient and resonate with each homeowner's unique style and needs.

Excellent lighting design and solutions were once available only through select channels. The advances in LED illumination and smart technology have made a wealth of new options available to homeowners, and we’ve been proud to be early in making the investments in new vendor partnerships, training, and staff development to bring these new lighting options to our clients in the Atlanta, Birmingham, and Florida Emerald Coast areas. That’s why we’re excited to be returning to Lightapalooza in 2024 to bring you the latest and greatest in lighting technology.

Want to know more? Connect with us; we look forward to meeting you.