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Georgia Home Theater Adds Martin Logan to Our Stable of HiFi Brands

Upgrade Your Stereo System with Martin Logan’s Stunning Speakers

Georgia Home Theater Adds Martin Logan to Our Stable of HiFi Brands

At Georgia Home Theater, we like to associate ourselves with quality brands. When it comes to audio, we have a preference for companies, products, and brands that have been synonymous with quality for a long time. Those brands include Bowers & Wilkins, McIntosh, Klipsch, Rotel and Paradigm, to name a few. Each of those companies has a commitment to offering the best audio performance possible for each of the products they offer, whether that product is aimed at the high or low end of the market.

Recently, we have been proud to add another well-known name with a reputation for quality to our offerings: Martin Logan. Martin Logan is yet another American Hi-Fi company (like McIntosh and Klipsch), founded in the unlikely location of Lawrence, Kansas, by Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland. Sutherland was an electrical engineer, and they both had a fascination with electrostatic speakers. What are electrostatic speakers? They are quite different from conventional speaker drivers that use electromagnets and current to move air. Electrostatic speakers vibrate air using thin conducive panels suspended between stationary panels. They are also known as dipole speakers, as they radiate sound all around from these panels as opposed to more directional sound from conventional speaker drivers.

When Martin Logan began, most electrostatic designs were relative failures. They were hard to drive with most amplifiers, and they were weak in bass reproduction. They did, however, offer an airy, enveloping sound that could reproduce genres like classical music in a more natural way than conventional speakers.

To make a long story short, suffice it to say that Martin Logan has applied years of engineering work in electronics and material science to perfect the electrostatic speaker. Today they are the foremost purveyor of electrostatic speakers, to the delight of audio enthusiasts who know that their sound is like no other, offering the kind of soundstage you hear at a live performance.

Georgia Home Theater is pleased to bring the transparent high fidelity sound of Martin Logan to your HiFi stereo system at your home in the Roswell area. Read on to learn more about three Martin Logan speaker models that can transform yourlistening room.

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Electrostatic Speakers - Masters of Impression and Expression

As we mentioned, Martin Logan has been working with electrostatic speaker designs since the 1970s. They understand that all speaker design is a study in compromises. The compromise for the incredibly natural airy sound of electrostatics is that they are unable to produce the deepest bass notes as well as conventional woofers. To solve that, Martin Logan created a hybrid design that employs a traditional woofer design (with some unique twists) to get the best of both worlds: the speed and air of electrostatic audio reproduction coupled with the deep bass of a subwoofer. For example, the Impression ESL 11A employs an 11-inch wide electrostatic panel with dual 8-inch woofers for bass powered by dual 275-watt Class D amplifiers. To top it off, Martin Logan applies the excellent Anthem Room Correction – one of the best in home audio – to correct the bass response in the room and ease placement.

The Expression is a larger electrostatic model with a 13-inch panel, offering a wider surface area for big sound in larger spaces. Dual 10-inch woofers bring the bass, powered by their own 300-watt amplifiers and also utilizing Anthem Room Correction. Either the Expression or Impression series is sure to deliver Martin Logan's "Truth in Sound" to your personal listening space.

Martin Logan Motion XT

The Motion Series is a more conventional speaker design at prices that are more accessible to audio enthusiasts on more limited budgets; but they do not skimp on style, build quality, or most importantly, sound quality. The top Motion 60XT tower employs dual 8-inch passive woofers for bass, but the unique feature is the folded Motion XT tweeter. This tweeter is similar to an electrostatic design in how it "squeezes" air and responds to transitions in higher frequencies much faster than conventional dome tweeters. The result is an expansive soundstage and similar "air" in the sound like Martin Logan electrostatics, in a speaker that is easier to place and more forgiving to drive with more modest amplification.

The Motion series makes for a superb audio enthusiast home theater as well. The line has a full set of timbre-matched bookshelf, center-channel, and surround speakers, including up-firing height speakers for immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks.

As in all high-end audio, the best way to experience the Martin Logan speakers is to hear them in person. The Impression, Expression, and Motion XT are set up and on display at our Marietta showroom.

Please visit us, call us at (770) 955-8909, or just click the button below to connect with us right away; we look forward to introducing you to the Martin Logan line!

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