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Do You Want a Smarter Remote for Your Control4 System?

Check Out the New Neeo Remote at Georgia Home Theater on November 21st!

Do You Want a Smarter Remote for Your Control4 System?

It’s a funny thing about remote controls. They’ve been around for decades, yet many of them still are needlessly complicated – especially AV remotes. For many of our clients, they are a source of frustration.

As a home technology company in the business for 30 years, you might surmise that we've seen our share of remotes. You’re right: We’ve lost count! Some are better than others. Of course, as a professional integrator, we strive for ease of use in all our installations by specifying and customizing control solutions that fit what our clients want. And we're always looking for a better, faster, more straightforward control solution for our customers.

Some might not get too excited over a new remote, but we are thrilled to announce a new one from our smart home control brand partner Control4. It’s called the Neeo, and it’s much more than an AV remote - it fuses together the best part of touchscreens and button remotes with the power of Control4’s new OS 3 smart home system.

We're so excited about it, in fact, that we're planning an event on November 21st from 4-8 PM at our Marietta showroom to introduce it. Not only will you get to experience the Control4 Neeo, but we will also have representatives on hand from top brand partners Sony, Monitor Audio, and Lutron lighting for demos, free giveaways, and special offers. 

Is this the dream remote you’ve been wanting for your Control4 system in Dunwoody? Read on to get the early scoop - and don’t forget to come to the event!

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Modern, Sleek Design

People love Apple products for their minimalist design, attention to detail, and the ability to do more with less. The approach taken by Control4 with the Neeo is much like that. The design is Swiss-modern, sleek, and mixes the right number of tactile buttons with a high-resolution glass touchscreen. The weight and balance are spot-on, feeling just right in hand. The elegant, aluminum body, available in black or silver, gives it a premium look that makes it feel at home in any décor.

Accessible Power

The 3-inch high-resolution touchscreen portion makes accessing all your smart home features like lighting and climate control a breeze with easy- to- read icons. Audio sources and cable TV guides are easily browsed and selected on the screen. For simpler controls like volume, play, and pause, hard buttons let you access those functions intuitively by feel without having to look at the remote.

Customizable Programming

More than just a powerful AV remote, the Neeo puts the full power of a Control4 system into your hand. Control your lighting scenes, lock and unlock doors with smart locks, warm up your spa, and bring your security camera view on the screen with just a touch. One remote can go from room to room and control any TV and audio system in the house. However, once you see all it can do, you may want more than one Neeo.

Introducing the Neeo Remote

If you crave the smartest control for your Atlanta-area smart home, we invite you to check out the Neeo at the #C4Yourself event at our Marietta showroom on November 21st. If you can’t wait, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our Control4 experts. We look forward to working with you!

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