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Cut the Cord with Stylish, Wireless Custom Window Treatments

Lutron Palladiom Wireless Shades Meld High Style and Convenience with Easy Installation and Maintenance

Cut the Cord with Stylish, Wireless Custom Window Treatments

Is there such a thing as a no-compromise solution? In reality, there are very few, but we think we have one of them for you. If you’re thinking of custom window treatments for a new home, remodel, or just a little redecorating, we highly recommend (implore, plead, urge, beg) that you consider making them motorized. Why? We’ve written at length on this subject and think motorized window treatments are like sliced bread in the smart home. In all seriousness, the benefits in convenience, luxury, comfort, and efficiency will pay dividends for many years. 

But you might think, don’t motorized window treatments involve wiring and installation foibles? Interestingly, we find that misconception still exists. Wireless motorized shading is as easy to install as regular window treatments and requires no special maintenance.

If your Buckhead, GA home leans modern, industrial retro-modern, or mid-century eclectic, you'll want to know more about the new wireless option for Lutron’s Palladiom motorized shades. Read more below!

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Easy Installation

Lutron Palladiom wireless shading requires no special installation. They need a footprint of only three inches of depth, making them highly flexible. Palladiom features elegant and robust exposed brackets that are a perfect blend of form and function. Maybe you're thinking, sure, no wires, only small windows need apply? Palladiom wireless shades can cover a 12x12 foot window. Pretty big window, right? 

Efficient Operation

The Palladiom wireless system runs on tried-and-true D-Cell batteries. In that 12-foot window example we just mentioned, it takes just six batteries to run the shade and fewer for smaller windows. Sure, you say, I’ll be replacing batteries every month! Nope – try every 3-5 years with typical operation. Lutron’s Active Energy Optimization is a battery management architecture specifically designed to preserve standard alkaline battery life.

Superior Performance and Style

You’ll choose Palladiom for its minimalist modern style and beauty and be continually pleased with the everyday performance. Lutron's Hembar Alignment system aligns your shades, so they raise and lower in marvelous synchrony like a well-conducted orchestra. It's also a silent orchestra, as Lutron's powerful motors make virtually no noise. The stylish shade orchestra is also decked out in luxurious fabrics and no less than seven hand-finished bracket materials from pure white to black anodized to metal finishes. 

Effortless Control

Lutron’s Palladiom shades can operate under the guidance of the HomeWorks lighting control system, which encompasses smart lighting and thermostats, too. For more comprehensive smart homes, the shading can be integrated with home automation systems like Control4 for a highly customized smart home experience.

We shouldn’t forget to mention the Palladiom smart wall keypad line; they make standard wall light and shading control switches look like they were designed in, um, the 20th century. They’re the perfect finishing touch to a Palladiom shading solution.


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