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Control4 OS 3.3 Brings Exciting New Updates and Features

Get Your Update Today from Your Local Atlanta-area Control4 Installer

Control4 OS 3.3 Brings Exciting New Updates and Features

Our clients love Control4 home automation for its power, flexibility, and compatibility with so many smart home features. Control4 never stands still, and they're always adding new features and functionality to the system, as well as continuously improving the performance, usability, and scalability of the system.

GHT Group – metro Atlanta's premier Control4 installer – is pleased to offer Control4 OS 3.3, available now. If you have an existing Control4 system, it's an excellent upgrade for your Milton, GA home. And if you don't, it's another great reason to step up to the convenience and luxury of Control4 smart automation. 

Keep reading below to learn about the major improvements in Control4 OS 3.3!

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Color Lighting

With the exploding popularity of LED tunable and color lighting for today's smart homes, Control4 has made it easier to manage color and make it a more integral part of smart homes. A new color wheel makes it incredibly easy to dial in beautiful colors to set a special ambiance for a dinner party, movie night, or an outdoor event with a different mood and vibe. Better yet, it's easy to save them as presets for easy recall, and you can set up one-touch scenes with color control for the entire house. For instance, it’s easy to program your favorite team colors for a game watch party, warm ambient lighting for relaxing in the evening, and much more with just a touch. 

Apple Watch Support

What’s better than controlling your home with the touch of a button? Controlling it from the watch that’s on your wrist! With this update, the Control4 app on your iPhone is compatible with the Apple Watch. Your app favorites will now be on the Control4 app on your watch, and you’ll have easy access to the things you do most. Start a playlist on your whole home audio system, unlock a door with a smart lock, dim the lights, and much more with a glance and tap on your watch. 

Faster Remote Access

When you want access to your home while you're out, you need a fast, snappy response to check a security camera feed or close the garage door when you forgot and left in a hurry. The updated Control4 app has dramatically improved connection speed, so there's virtually zero lag when you need quick control of a smart home function while you're away. It's just as fast as when you're in your home. 


Whether you currently own a Control4 system and want to upgrade or are intrigued by the possibilities of home automation, GHT Group is your local Control4 installation expert. Reach out to us here or click the chat box below to connect with us. We would love to help you!