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Amp Up Your Outdoor Sound System with Powerful, Rugged Sonance Speakers

Sonance Rocks and Mariners Stand Up to Florida Weather

Amp Up Your Outdoor Sound System with Powerful, Rugged Sonance Speakers

Rosemary Beach may not get freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, but we do get our share of weather events. Plenty of rain, abundant sun, salty Gulf breezes, and 90%-plus humidity can take its toll on the outside of Florida Panhandle homes. On the other hand, this beautiful weather also drives us to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. And that means our outdoor entertainment needs to be up to the task of surviving and even savoring Florida. 

For outdoor sound systems, we have the solution you’ll want. Sonance outdoor speakers come from the company that practically invented architectural and outdoor speakers. In this block, we’ll take a look at two of their most rugged speakers – Rock and Mariner – that deliver years of aural enjoyment outside. Please keep reading to learn more!

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Sonance Mariner Line

The Mariner line is an on-wall speaker perfect for mounting outside to cover your patios with sound worthy of the audio enthusiast. The Mariner name is one indication of their outdoor worthiness. The drivers are water-impermeable, and the speakers are IP-66 waterproof rated, so they can stand up to heavy summer rainstorms, not to mention the humidity. For high performance, they feature the same materials and technology from Sonance’s Visual Performance Line, their high-end architectural speakers for indoor use. Increased woofer excursion provides low bass without distortion, and chambered tweeters keep them cooler for higher performance. 

Additional robust features include front-mounted wiring connections to protect against corrosion, precise grill fit, and a FastMount mounting bracket for simplified installation and 180 degrees of pivot to precisely aim your sound and stereo imaging. If you only have a place to mount one speaker, you can also get stereo from a single speaker with the Mariner. 

Sonance Rock Series

What else can stand up to Florida salt, sun, and water? How about a rock? Sonance’s Rock speaker line looks like a rock, is almost as durable as a rock, but sounds much better than rocks. Made of synthetic materials that resist UV rays, high heat, wind, and rain, these IPX4 speakers can nestle in a landscape or around a pool and take the splashing and sprinklers while delivering sound quality audio enthusiasts will love. Available in granite and brown to blend in with the landscape, there are two speaker models with 6.5 and 8-inch drivers and a 10-inch subwoofer for added low-end punch. The water-resistant drivers deliver articulate sound, and internal wire connections promise years of trouble-free operation.

Besides these, GHT Group has a wealth of options – including more from Sonance – to turn your outdoor spaces into an audio paradise. To learn more, contact our Santa Rosa Beach office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!