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Add Visual Appeal to Your Media Room Design

Explore New Artful Screen and Sound Options to Keep Your Room Sleek

Add Visual Appeal to Your Media Room Design

A media room is a home space where you can enjoy your audio and video entertainment in high quality, both for casual TV show viewing and more immersive movie watching. Unlike a home theater, the space may pull double duty – as a living room, family room, game room, or some other multipurpose area in modern homes with more open designs.

When it comes to the technology that delivers the visual and audio experience, some people may not want the equipment to intrude. Bookshelf and tower speakers may overwhelm the room, or their placement doesn’t fit the aesthetics of the room. Aside from speakers, TVs often become the focal point of a space. When they’re not in use, design-minded people might chuff at looking at a large black rectangle mounted on the wall.

The leading makers of audio and video equipment also understand the importance of design. A whole range of products exists that marry exemplary audio and video performance with subdued design that blends well with the rest of the room. In this blog, we’ll cover two of those options for a media room design in your Atlanta, GA home that is as visually appealing as the rest of your home.

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Samsung’s Frame TV

Flat-panel TVs just keep getting bigger. While that's great for a larger, more lifelike picture, when it's off, the TV can be too much of blank, black space on the wall. Samsung had a novel idea to make use of all that real estate on the screen when the TV is not in use and calls it The Frame. The Frame is a flat-panel TV based on Samsung's acclaimed Quantum Dot technology (QLED), which features incredible color and contrast capability, high brightness, and excellent viewing angles.

The Frame TV brings some smart technology and design flair to the wall of your media room. When the TV is off, Art Mode displays high-resolution art from an extensive digital library or your own personalized pictures. The art choices feature dazzling digital images of collections from famous artists like Van Gogh, as well as stunning photography. You can choose the art and also rotate through different choices.

The Frame TV employs innovative sensors for efficiency. When it detects ambient light, it balances the brightness and color, so the art images look natural, just the way real art does. A motion sensor detects when you are in the room, so the TV can turn itself off completely to save energy. You can use your smartphone to change the art displays or easily upload your own photos, as well as choose the way they display. The Frame makes every photo or art image look like a framed piece. To add to the effect, the Frame TV features four different edge colors as well as a special mounting bracket that lets it sit as close to the wall as a picture frame. Connections to the TV are managed by a separate box connected via a super-thin fiber optic-like cable, so any devices can be hidden out of the way without cluttering the back of the TV.

Custom Soundbars from James Loudspeaker

The soundbar has come a long way from its early beginnings. The newest models have vastly improved audio performance with both music and movies, and they are popular because they're simple to operate, install, and take up less space than amplifiers and speakers.

But you don't have to settle for off-the-shelf soundbars for your media space; you can get them perfectly matched and customized to your display and room.  Off the shelf soundbars are mostly a one size fits all affair. They do come in various lengths and configurations, from two-channel stereo up to multichannel Dolby Atmos, but they may not match your TV or your media room's design. James Loudspeaker, a well-regarded maker of speakers for residential, commercial, and marine applications, has the answer. For example, the SPL3 Series features an ultra-slim depth of 1.5 inches, which would be a perfect match to the thin, flush-mount Samsung Frame TV. The bars are custom matched to the width of your display and are available with stereo or left-center-right configurations for front channels.

What’s more, James soundbars are highly configurable. Need to mount the speakers flanking the TV versus the bottom? No problem, James can custom design that to frame your display. What’s more, a variety of stylish finishes are available for the aluminum enclosures to match just about any TV. Do you need something completely custom? James does custom finishes and speaker configurations if required.


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