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Act Fast – A Rare Monitor Audio Sale Is Happening Now

The Affordable Monitor Audio Bronze Series is on Sale Through January 31st!

Act Fast – A Rare Monitor Audio Sale Is Happening Now

High-end audio brands rarely go on sale. Maybe it’s because the best products don’t need price reductions to move off the shelf. People know what high-performance products can do and appreciate the value; when they’re ready to buy, they don’t wait for a sale.

That said, occasionally high-quality brands go on sale. This past year we were proud to bring British speaker brand Monitor Audio to GHT Group. We’ve prominently featured them in our Marietta showroom, including the architectural Controlled Performance Series. And now, we’re running a sale on the most affordable Monitor Audio line, the Bronze Series.

If you’re looking for new speakers for either a two-channel or multichannel surround setup in Marietta that won’t break the bank, you won’t have to travel far. But to take advantage of the special savings – 25% off of MSRP – you need to hustle, because the offer is good only through January 31st, 2019.

Without further ado, let’s recap why the Monitor Audio Bronze line is such a great entry point into the world of hi-fi audio.

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Trickle Down Excellence

Monitor Audio calls the Bronze line their most “democratically priced” speaker, meaning that it is accessible for most people that love great sound but need to adhere to a budget. The line also benefits from the advanced technology used in the more expensive Gold, Silver, and Platinum lines. One of those technologies is the proprietary C-CAM driver cones made of Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium, initially developed for jet engine components. It’s light, strong, flexible, and responsive - all the qualities you want in a speaker driver for faithful audio reproduction.

Beautiful Finishes

Something you often don’t get with affordable speaker lines is much of a choice of finishes. Often, as the original Ford Model T, they are available in any color you like so long as it is black. Monitor Audio offers durable vinyl wrap finishes in black, walnut, rosewood, and white ash, which should fit in with most color schemes and decors. The rigid MDF cabinets, magnetic grills, and gold-plated speaker terminals all speak to the overall quality of the speakers.

Stereo and Home Theater

The Bronze line has a full complement of speakers, with two bookshelves, two towers, a center channel, and subwoofer available, for a perfectly voice-matched multichannel surround setup if you want it. You can start with a two-channel system and add the rest later as your needs evolve. Whatever route you take, you are benefitting from all the engineering and design experience that goes into Monitor Audio's higher-end lines in a very affordable speaker.


As we’ve said many times before, there’s no substitute for listening to audio equipment before you buy to get the sound you like. We invite you to visit GHT Group’s Marietta showroom today to experience Monitor Audio Bronze and the best in hi-fi audio, home theater, and more. But make sure to come in before soon – before January 31st – as this Monitor Audio sale is limited! Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us using our online form, or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to seeing you.

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