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5 Excuses to Install an Outdoor Sound System This Fall

Audio Adds a New Dimension to Your Outdoor Spaces

5 Excuses to Install an Outdoor Sound System This Fall

We love to discuss all the excellent choices that exist for outdoor entertainment and automation in this blog series. From outdoor TV to home theater (yes, home theater!) to outdoor lighting, we offer a dizzying array of products and solutions, many of which you can see in our Marietta showroom.

Most people start their journey into outdoor technology and entertainment with audio. Music and sound can add a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. And who doesn't need more time outside these days? 

If you haven’t invested in an outdoor sound system for your Buckhead home yet, the Georgia fall is a perfect time. Just in case you need them, read on for five excuses to spur you to add outdoor audio as the capstone on your alfresco activity area. 

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A New Patio

Are you looking to build or expand your patio, perhaps adding a pergola or an outdoor fireplace? These amenities are the perfect excuse to add a sound system to increase the area's use and enjoyment. Depending on your patio's architecture, you could discreetly mount speakers on wall surfaces or under eaves. You can hide speakers in adjacent landscaping with satellite speakers and buried subwoofers for rich bass. If you like modern design, Coastal Source’s marvelous bollard speakers pack serious sound with elegant industrial design.

A New Pool

Maybe you're also adding a pool with that new patio? Don't miss the opportunity to add sound. What could be more relaxing than cooling off in the pool in the heat of a southern summer with your favorite tunes? Weatherproof rock speakers often make a great addition to the décor around a pool while providing a full, rich sound that can keep up with the frolicking. You can also hide speakers in the landscaped areas, and there are even speakers that can be underwater in your pool, so the sound is everywhere!

Water Features

Many people add additional water features with their pools, or when redoing patios and landscapes. Whether it's a stately fountain or a meandering stream, audio can augment the calming sounds of flowing water. Rock models and landscape speaker systems are perfect complements to water features. It's essential to plan ahead for sound systems, so the right cabling and power infrastructure is put in place along with the water features.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Indoor kitchens are the hub of many homes, and where many hang out during entertainment. Could it be the proximity to food? Outdoor kitchens are equally great for entertaining, and also present an excellent opportunity for outdoor sound. Install a bar area so you can cook, enjoy cocktails, and talk to guests at the same time, accompanied by a favorite soundtrack. Depending on your kitchen setup, on-wall, in-wall, or ceiling speakers could be used.

The Big Event

While the pandemic has put a hold on many celebrations, some can go on safely outdoors with the right planning and safeguards. Outdoor sound can make the experience richer and more memorable. We can design and install a system that can blanket your entire outdoors with clear, vibrant sound to make any celebration an unforgettable event.


Call GHT Group as you start thinking about your outdoor project, and we’ll show you how easy it is to make it better with an outdoor sound system. To learn more, call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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