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4 Ways to Welcome Fall and Winter with Home Automation

Make the Seasonal Transition Easy with Smart Home Tech

We won't say that fall and winter come without warning in Georgia, but does it go from pretty balmy to quite cool in a hurry come November? Or is it just us? Or maybe it's the effect of daylight savings time? 

If shorter days and less sun have had an effect, we may have a solution for you – home automation. Smart features in your home can help you with the transition to the crisper seasons in our fast-growing Woodstock suburb. And fear not, you know winter in Atlanta isn’t protracted or severe, so it won’t be long till the warm spring and summer are back! In the meantime, GHT Group, your local home automation company, has some smart tech to make the seasonal transition just a little easier. Keep reading for four of our favorites smart features below. 

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Let the Sunshine In

There might be less light in the coming months, but you can make the most of it with motorized shades. Let in the sun and the vitamin D on chillier days by raising your shades with one button or on a schedule. While those shades will limit heat gain in the height of the humid summer, in the winter, raising them will help warm your house and use less energy from the heating system. And you can program them to close in the evening for privacy or at bedtime. 

Manage the Holiday Lights

With lighting control, you can have that spectacular holiday lighting display and be efficient at the same time. Smart plugs and landscape lighting can manage your displays, so they're only on when they will be seen and not all night. With easy control from a smartphone app or a programmable wall keypad, you're in full control without those old-fashioned timers that are a mystery to program. 

Beat the Winter Blues

If less light and shorter days influence your mood – which is more common than you may think – the latest lighting technology can help. Tunable lighting can simulate natural light indoors with LED color-changing bulbs and fixtures. With lighting control, you can set your lights for increased energy during the day and more relaxing warmer tones for winding down at night. The effects will be subtle, but very real!

Banish Porch Pirates

This is a big time of the year for shopping, and you'll likely have lots of things delivered from your favorite stores. A video doorbell, such as Control4’s Chime, can keep an eye on your front door activity and record it. You can get notified of a package delivery even before your dogs bark, and if you’re away from home, you can ensure they're safe. The video doorbell can also be incredibly useful to screen or let in guests or service people remotely when you equip your entry with smart locks. 

Of course, these smart home automation features are usable year-round too. To learn more, visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!