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4 Tips to Get the Best Sound from Your Outdoor Speaker System

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

4 Tips to Get the Best Sound from Your Outdoor Speaker System

Is good outdoor sound just a function of buying the right equipment? Yes and no. Quality speakers and amplifiers are always a key to superior sound, but outdoors you must take a few things under consideration. 

First, there are no walls and ceilings to reflect sound. That means you need more power to get satisfying sound levels outside – not to mention overcoming other ambient sounds. Second, you want good sound but don't want to attract the ire of your neighbors when you want to hear your music. And there's more. Here are four helpful tips for planning an outdoor sound system for your Miramar Beach, FL home. 

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Even Sound Coverage

When setting up a stereo indoors, you can position speakers for reasonably good room coverage with a few simple guidelines. Outdoors, the rules change as you can't rely on walls and ceilings for sound reflection. Because of this, you need more power to get the same volume level outside. What you don't want outdoors is the need to blast the volume just to hear the music at some distance. The solution is to use more smaller speakers and robust amplification rather than fewer large ones to spread sound evenly outside. That way, you can have even sound across a large area without spots where it’s hard to hear or too loud. 

Using the Right Speakers

There is quite a variety of outdoor speakers available, from both outdoor specialists to well-known hi-fi brands. Covered patios can perform well with ceiling-mounted speakers or models that are surface mounted on walls or under eaves. Some speakers disguise as rocks and meld well into landscaped areas. For even sound coverage over a large area, stake-mounted satellite speakers with buried subwoofers can provide the power and decibels needed outside. You can use combinations of all of these depending on your goals and the layout of your outside spaces. 

Felling the Bass

Today’s music is demanding of bass performance. But excellent bass response makes any music sound fuller and richer, and outdoors that becomes even more important. Bollard speaker models with built-in subwoofers or large bass drivers are like tower speakers for the outdoors, with strong performance at every frequency. But you can also get excellent low-frequency response from larger surface-mount speakers and partially buried subwoofers coupled with satellite speakers. 

Keeping the Neighbors Happy

There is an art to positioning speakers outdoors for both even coverage and to ensure you’re not upsetting the neighbors every time you turn on the music. To minimize sound bleed, we position speakers pointing inward to your patio, pool, and yard. With the models available that blend discreetly with your landscape, you can also have great sound without cluttering up the outside of the house with highly visible speakers. 

Are you ready to fill your beautiful Florida days and nights with lush outdoor sound? Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our outdoor audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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