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Thinking about Installing an Outdoor Sound System?

Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking about Installing an Outdoor Sound System?

You might be very familiar with indoor audio, having been purchasing stereo and multichannel audio systems for years. You might even be familiar with the nuances of different electronic components and speaker designs. But what happens when you want to take your music outside?

Outdoor spaces can present different challenges. Rather than a room with four walls, your outside area might contain a hardscape patio, grassy lawns, gardens, or many trees. How does this affect how your music will sound outdoors?

If you’re looking for an outdoor sound system for your Johns Creek, GA home, and you like high-fidelity sound, keep reading for some key things to consider.


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Rock or Relax?

The type of music you like to listen to and the volumes at which you like to listen can make a difference in your system. If you want background music, you may not need speakers with strong bass response or the ability to get loud without distortion. On the other hand, if you want soft music sometimes, but the ability to party at other times, there are speaker choices that can make that happen. 

Ambient noise is also a consideration outdoors. Proximity to neighbors, traffic, airplane flight paths and your pool's pumps can all affect the volume you need outside.

How Many Areas to Cover?

Generally, you will want audio coverage in the areas you will use. A patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, are all areas where music and audio can add to the ambiance. The size of the area and the types of locations will determine choices for speakers and the equipment that feeds them to produce sound.

Where Does the Equipment Go?

Equipment involves more than just speakers. Source gear, amplifiers, control modules, and interconnects are all part of an extensive outdoor sound system. Where that equipment goes also influences how the speaker system is wired across your patios and landscape. Distances matter when talking about speaker wire runs (as they might indoors too), and different speaker styles have divergent power and wiring requirements.

What Types of Speakers Do You Need?

Fortunately, there is a wide variety for almost any application. Aesthetic and performance considerations will be the primary considerations for choosing speakers. For patios, both surface mount and architectural options (built into walls and ceiling) abound. In gardens and water features, "rock" speakers that simulate stones and boulders are popular options that blend in well. Over larger areas, combinations of spike-mounted satellites and buried subwoofers offer a way to bring an even layer of high-quality sound over a large area. The best part is that a combination of speakers can form your system, whether they are discreet or virtually invisible, all while providing the sound quality you desire.

Where Will the Music Come From?

Your outdoor speakers could be an extension of an indoor whole-home audio system, or even from a media room receiver with multi-zone capability. Depending on your needs and how you want to use it, it can be totally independent as well. For control, the smartphone app model is undoubtedly an option, but not the only one. You can have traditional button remote controls designed for outdoor use, keypads that can be mounted inside patios and other protected areas, and even touchscreens that can be used in cases for outdoor use. An ideal solution for managing outdoor sound is a smart home control system like Control4, which gives you many interface options and can command other outdoor functions, too, like lighting.

Ready to rock or relax with great outdoor sound this season? To learn more, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our audio-video experts. We look forward to working with you!

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