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4 Smart Ways to Use Motorized Outdoor Shades

These Outdoor Shading Tips Will Help You Get More Out of Your Backyard!

4 Smart Ways to Use Motorized Outdoor Shades

When designed well, your backyard can feel like a nice escape from home—even though you haven’t technically left. Fresh air, outdoor views, a bubbling hot tub, and good company is often all it takes!

Still, unexpected weather changes can force you right back inside if your outdoor living spaces aren’t equipped with the protection needed from extreme temperatures, sunrays, bugs, and rain.

When you add motorized outdoor shades to your Atlanta, GA backyard, you can keep these elements at bay and enjoy your exterior living spaces all day long and in any season! Below, learn four smart ways to use motorized outdoor shades for extended fun in the sun (or moonlight).

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Increase Privacy in the Garage

Do you use your garage for more than stowing your car? Maybe you use it as a home gym, a storage space for house items, or a craft area for painting. If so, you likely keep the door up to let in natural light and fresh air. Unfortunately, an open garage can also let in rain and pests, as well as hinder your privacy.

Outdoor motorized shades can serve as a shield while your garage door is up to filter sunlight, block pests and rain, and improve privacy while you still enjoy the fresh air and outdoor views!

Create a Year-Round Patio Oasis

We’ve all been there: You’re enjoying a good book on the patio, and it suddenly starts raining. Or maybe you’ve had to cancel al fresco dinner plans with friends because an unexpected cold front blew in. The elements might be unpredictable, but you can control them with outdoor patio shades!

When you enclose your patio’s open walls with motorized shades, you can tame the wind, block sun rays, and keep out rain at the touch of a button. During winter, motorized shades can even help keep the warmth of your outdoor heaters from escaping the patio so you can relax no matter how chilly it is.

Shield from Rain or Sun with a Retractable Ceiling

What if your patio or pergola has an open ceiling, too? Even ceiling slats won’t shield you from rain, frigid winds, or overhead sun rays. In this case, you can add a tensioned horizontal motorized shade that quietly deploys directly over your open-ceiling patio or pergola structure to provide solid protection! When you don’t need it, retract it back into its cassette with a quick button tap on a remote or app.

Go Hands-Free with Automation

While controlling your motorized outdoor shades with a remote or app is already more convenient than manually pulling cords and rods, you can go hands-free by automating your shades to adjust on their own! Create preset schedules or integrate sun and wind sensors that trigger your shades to close when there’s too much direct sunlight or heavy winds. Automating your shades isn’t just an easier control method for you, but it also ensures your patio furniture always stays protected from damaging UV rays.


Bring motorized outdoor shades to your Atlanta-area backyard by reaching out to the home technology experts at GHT Group! We can walk you through your options and install a custom shading solution that suits your home and budget. Get started by contacting us here or chatting with us below.

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