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4 Reasons to Get Custom Motorized Window Treatments

Convenience Is Just the Beginning

4 Reasons to Get Custom Motorized Window Treatments

Are you in need of new window treatments? Whether you are building, remodeling, or just a bit tired of your existing window coverings in Alpharetta, allow us to humbly suggest that you consider motorized, custom window treatments.

We can already hear practical Georgians saying, why would we need to motorize them? To which we respond, do you still have crank windows in your car? In all seriousness, motorized window treatments are a luxury, but one that you quickly discover pays many dividends in practicality. And on the subject of dividends, they can even save you money. How? Please read on!

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1.    Energy Efficiency

Window treatments that you have to open and close manually take time and effort. We live busy lives, so one less thing to do lets us focus more on the important stuff. Georgia has hot, humid summers, and the sun streaming through uncovered windows can heat up your house and tax your HVAC system. With motorized shades, you can lower your shades all at once to let in natural light and reduce the sun’s heat. Better yet, custom fabrics with various levels of translucency can balance the light with energy efficiency, and you can still enjoy filtered outside views. For even greater efficiency, honeycomb styles and double shades can help keep cool or warm air in by reducing cooling or heat loss through windows.

2.    Privacy and Security

Instead of leaving home in a hurry with all your windows looking like the proverbial glass house, motorized window treatments can protect your privacy by lowering window shades.  Automate them on your schedule, or even have them lower automatically when you leave home. When you're on vacation, home automation systems like Control4 can even vary your window shade positions to make it appear like your house is occupied. Applying motorization and smarts to window treatments also lets them play with your lights and security system to make your home even more private and safe.

3.    Protect Your Interiors

Taking advantage of natural light indoors is a good thing, but too much of anything sometimes is not. Furniture, rugs, and artwork can get damaged by too much UV exposure to the sun. Motorized shades can help protect your valuable interior furnishings automatically. You can employ UV and light sensors in specific exposure areas and trigger your window treatments to close or lower when too much sun is streaming inside. Protecting a valuable piece of artwork alone can help subsidize your investment in automated shades!

4.    Safety and Access

If you have smaller children, strings and draws on manual window treatments can be an attractive nuisance. Eliminating strings altogether can ensure that no child accidentally chokes or is otherwise hurt from pulling down a window shade. For people with a disability, automation is a boon. They can even use voice control via popular voice assistants to raise, lower, open, or close window treatments. You can enjoy the convenience, while they get to do something by themselves they otherwise might not be able to.


Aside from these four reasons, you might be surprised to learn how many different styles and choices exist for automating all types of window treatments. Work with a home technology expert like GHT Group to learn about all the available options. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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