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3 Things You Can Only Get from a Home Automation Company

Why You Should Work with a Home Automation Expert

3 Things You Can Only Get from a Home Automation Company

Home automation devices and systems are everywhere. Walk into any Atlanta Home Depot or Best Buy, and they are prominently featured, not to mention the huge array of devices you may never have heard of on Amazon. These systems do many home automation tasks well, within limits. They control lights, provide entertainment, secure doors, monitor your home, and more. So do you need a professional home automation company to create a smart home? 

As the French say, ça dépend. Or, as we say in Georgia, it depends. You might be able to cobble together a DIY, relatively smart home, but here are some things you’re only going to get from a smart home company. What are they? Keep reading to find out!

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The Networking Foundation

Your home needs a solid foundation on which to build. So does your smart home! That foundation is a robust Wi-Fi network and internet connectivity. Of course, Wi-Fi is not the only networking technology used in smart home systems, as both the DIY and the professional solutions we install use other wireless and wired communication technologies. While you can upgrade your home network with a better router and perhaps wireless access points, there's more to a first-rate, highly reliable network than that. 

Professionals (like GHT Group) use commercial-grade networking equipment, wired access points, and more sophisticated software that allows a high degree of tuning and customization to ensure your home automation and all your other devices perform to their maximum potential. Plus, some wireless technologies can interfere with each other or have distance issues, and smart home companies are well-versed in dealing with all of that. 

The App Explosion

While DIY solutions tend to be unified with systems like Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, you will notice that it's often difficult to use just one app to control all your devices. The problem is that each device comes with its own app, and usually, some of the best and most powerful features of the device require you to dig into the individual app rather than use one overall automation controller like Alexa. What you will find, for example, is that you may do some lighting tasks from Google Home, but you will need the Philips Hue app for some specific lighting features. More apps – just what you wanted, right? With a professional home automation company, you’ll get one interface to control your home, with all the features you need in one place. 

Monitored Support

This is a feature you won't see on DIY products. Professional-grade products are built to be used with systems like OvrC, platforms that allow professional smart home companies to monitor your networks, AV, and smart home systems to ensure they're working properly. In many cases, if there's an issue, these platforms allow for restarting a device or updating software remotely to fix a problem before you even discover it. You won't find that level of service with a DIY approach. Indeed, you might need to be your own tech support specialist with a DIY system. 


With over 30 years in home technology, GHT Group is your local Atlanta home automation expert. When you are ready for a truly smart home, we would love to help you. Reach out to us here or click the chat below to connect with us. We look forward to working with you.